Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yesterday and other times

Yesterday was overall a pretty good day for me. I gave my two-week notice officially at work (if I want to work in their Mesa office I will have to re-apply so I am considering various other job openings right now as well). I didn't have to drive to Salt Lake after work. I cleaned up our living room, since it had art stuff strewn about it and looked rather as if a tornado had been through. I vacuumed. I did a bunch of dishes. I put out our Christmas decorations (which are very cute!). I even made some dinner (frozen pizza, but still...) And I got to spend time with my absolutely fabulous very bestest most-amazing-ever husband whose presents I still need to wrap. And we went to the MOA for FHE, which was fun.

When I made the delicious breakfast the other day, I managed to burn my knuckle on the oven door while putting the tater tots in. I felt the pain when I touched it, and pulled it out to look at it, where I got to see that it had instantly both blistered and popped (my first ever second-degree burn!). When I took a shower on Sunday it turned into a bloody sore. Now it's all scabby and only hurts when the scabs start getting ripped off. I'm curious if it will turn into an awesome scar or not. I've been trying to move it a lot so it doesn't heal up too tight and deprive me of the use of my knuckle, but moving it kind of hurts, so it's somewhat of a quandary.

On the topic of injuries, my thumbnail still has not fallen off. It has, in fact, slowly been growing out. If it keeps it up, it will be a long time before it is back to it's normal color, but I think the black spots are finally dispersing on the bottom, so that's good.

Only two weeks until I move! Aaagh! So much to do! If anybody is interested in helping out, we'll be needing help on Christmas Day probably the most, but as far as I know, pretty much everybody is busy that day, so I don't really expect anybody to help. But thank you for wanting to! Seriously though, go hang out with your families.

On the topic of moving, we need to have a moving-out party. I'm thinking the 22nd would be good because it'll be my last day of work and stuff, but I don't know if anybody will still be in town. So, will anybody still be in town?

Okay, I think that's about everything for now (that I can think of at least).

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Kris Akarti said...

Nate and I will still be in town. As far as helping on Christmas Day, I don't know how feasible that is. But we can still party with you :)