Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Counting down

Less than a week until we move. I've finally stated packing. I've got my art stuff and my sewing stuff all packed up except for my sewing machine and the craft stuff I brought back from my house on Sunday. I packed up a bunch of winter coats and jackets. Our computer miscellany is packed, and my random scattered scrapbook stuff is packed. I think today I'll pack up all my scrapbook albums, my sewing machine, my files, CD's, and start on our books. Tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to finish books, do the DVDs, then start packing the dishes and everything in our kitchen. Thursday we're having our Christmas in the evening because Mike will be all done with his finals and stuff and will be more or less graduated. If we have any leftover time, I'll finish packing the kitchen and start on the bedroom.

Friday is our we're moving party. Everybody should come over sometime. Nicole and her family will be there for the latter part of the evening, so you get to double your enjoyment by seeing them as well. :)

Saturday we will finish packing everything that doesn't need to be used for the next four days, then we will pick up the moving van and start loading all our boxes into it. Sunday will consist of more box loading, and going up to my parents' house to celebrate Christmas Eve. We'll spend the night there so we can celebrate Christmas Morning as well, and Christmas early-afternoon, and then we'll go pick up Mike's dad from the airport and come back to Provo for more truck loading in the evening. Next Tuesday, in the morning, we'll clean the apartment all up and finish any truck loading that's left, and then we'll get the Tacoma all set up on the towing apparatus behind the moving truck, and then we'll take turns driving that contraption and/or our car for 12 hours down to Arizona. Wednesday we'll be unloading the truck like mad, because we have to have it back to U-Haul by 3pm. Then we can arrange and un-pack everything into our new townhome down there. Oh yes, and sometime before Tuesday I am going to finish thank-you cards.

Oh, and my last day of work is this Friday so I get to do that for six hours a day for the next four days as well.

Slightly crazy, but I think everything will all get done and worked out.

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