Friday, December 29, 2006

Arizona Central

Mesa's really nice so far. Much, much warmer than Utah, which I'm loving (though I've still gotten cold several times as it's been raining and cool out). Our townhome seems absolutely huge compared to our Wymount apartment, and that's been really nice, as we finally have room for all our stuff (plus some extra room for more stuff as we acquire it). Haven't really applied for jobs yet, I need to start on that really soon (though our applications to be substitute teachers are well on their way to done). I know where the close-by shopping places are (and they are so very, very much nicer than Macey's with reasonably comparative prices generally). We have almost enough bookshelves for all my books (I'm not stuffing them in multiple layers like I used to, so the cookbooks and the old school books don't yet have homes which will be remedied in the not-too-distant future, hopefully). We got a breadmaker for Christmas, so we made some tasty French bread in it yesterday, and will be making much more bread in the coming months. I love homemade bread, but it takes so long to knead it and let it rise and knead it again and let it rise again and then bake it that I never end up making any. The breadmaker is so much easier, you just dump everything in and turn it on, and then bread comes out three hours later, though it's not as pretty as homemade. We'll do a price comparison sometime and figure out if we are in fact saving money by making delicious nutritious bread ourselves rather than buying it from the store. I want a wheat grinder sometime since I know we'd save money by making my own wheat flour (and it would be much tastier and healthier). We'll see how our ward is on Sunday, and then hopefully we'll both get jobs in not too long and see how those go. I'm hopeful both will be nice. That's really about all that's left to see about our new home place. I may take an Interior Decorating class on Monday nights with Mike's mom, which would be fun I think. So, that's life! More updates eventually. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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