Friday, December 29, 2006

Arizona Central

Mesa's really nice so far. Much, much warmer than Utah, which I'm loving (though I've still gotten cold several times as it's been raining and cool out). Our townhome seems absolutely huge compared to our Wymount apartment, and that's been really nice, as we finally have room for all our stuff (plus some extra room for more stuff as we acquire it). Haven't really applied for jobs yet, I need to start on that really soon (though our applications to be substitute teachers are well on their way to done). I know where the close-by shopping places are (and they are so very, very much nicer than Macey's with reasonably comparative prices generally). We have almost enough bookshelves for all my books (I'm not stuffing them in multiple layers like I used to, so the cookbooks and the old school books don't yet have homes which will be remedied in the not-too-distant future, hopefully). We got a breadmaker for Christmas, so we made some tasty French bread in it yesterday, and will be making much more bread in the coming months. I love homemade bread, but it takes so long to knead it and let it rise and knead it again and let it rise again and then bake it that I never end up making any. The breadmaker is so much easier, you just dump everything in and turn it on, and then bread comes out three hours later, though it's not as pretty as homemade. We'll do a price comparison sometime and figure out if we are in fact saving money by making delicious nutritious bread ourselves rather than buying it from the store. I want a wheat grinder sometime since I know we'd save money by making my own wheat flour (and it would be much tastier and healthier). We'll see how our ward is on Sunday, and then hopefully we'll both get jobs in not too long and see how those go. I'm hopeful both will be nice. That's really about all that's left to see about our new home place. I may take an Interior Decorating class on Monday nights with Mike's mom, which would be fun I think. So, that's life! More updates eventually. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Party! Here! Now!

So, if you want to see us before we move (and get your stuff back!) come over. Anytime between now and, oh, say, 10:30-ish. So, yeah, party! Oh, and a note to Philosophy, I got our tarp already, nobody was home when I came and got it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Counting down

Less than a week until we move. I've finally stated packing. I've got my art stuff and my sewing stuff all packed up except for my sewing machine and the craft stuff I brought back from my house on Sunday. I packed up a bunch of winter coats and jackets. Our computer miscellany is packed, and my random scattered scrapbook stuff is packed. I think today I'll pack up all my scrapbook albums, my sewing machine, my files, CD's, and start on our books. Tomorrow hopefully I'll be able to finish books, do the DVDs, then start packing the dishes and everything in our kitchen. Thursday we're having our Christmas in the evening because Mike will be all done with his finals and stuff and will be more or less graduated. If we have any leftover time, I'll finish packing the kitchen and start on the bedroom.

Friday is our we're moving party. Everybody should come over sometime. Nicole and her family will be there for the latter part of the evening, so you get to double your enjoyment by seeing them as well. :)

Saturday we will finish packing everything that doesn't need to be used for the next four days, then we will pick up the moving van and start loading all our boxes into it. Sunday will consist of more box loading, and going up to my parents' house to celebrate Christmas Eve. We'll spend the night there so we can celebrate Christmas Morning as well, and Christmas early-afternoon, and then we'll go pick up Mike's dad from the airport and come back to Provo for more truck loading in the evening. Next Tuesday, in the morning, we'll clean the apartment all up and finish any truck loading that's left, and then we'll get the Tacoma all set up on the towing apparatus behind the moving truck, and then we'll take turns driving that contraption and/or our car for 12 hours down to Arizona. Wednesday we'll be unloading the truck like mad, because we have to have it back to U-Haul by 3pm. Then we can arrange and un-pack everything into our new townhome down there. Oh yes, and sometime before Tuesday I am going to finish thank-you cards.

Oh, and my last day of work is this Friday so I get to do that for six hours a day for the next four days as well.

Slightly crazy, but I think everything will all get done and worked out.

Friday, December 15, 2006

You framed the sun, shot out the stars, impaled the sky, and hung the moon

My body decided to wake me up at the horrendous hour of 6am today with sharp intense achy shooty moonsickness pain along with a healthy dose of general discomfort. And I hate this and I ran out of things that I can do while hurting, hurting, hurting and nauseous to boot that don't require my lower half to move in any way from where it is right now, and so I'm updating. Hooray for all of you. And way too much information from me like normal.

I had the opportunity to help host a baby shower last night. It was the first baby shower I've been to in the past seven or eight years probably, and the only one I've ever been to for someone not related to me, and so I managed to thoroughly embarrass myself by being the only person who didn't bring a present. They talked a lot about the various discomforts of pregnancy and nursing and shooting poop during diaper changes and other things that somehow just kind of solidified my desire for my own family while somehow also making it okay that don't have any kids of my own yet, if that makes any sense.

The black part of my nail decided to let air in between the nail and the nail bed yesterday so now it's got some funny whitish gray blotches on it where it's separated. I wish my nails grew faster so I could just be done with this whole fiasco.

My list of things to do before we move somehow keeps just getting bigger and bigger instead of shrinking like it's supposed to be doing.

So, I'm pretty positive we're planning on having a "we're going away" party on the 22nd (it's a Friday night). I don't know how late it will go, I'm not planning on it going really late because I have lots and lots of stuff to do, and I'm pretty sure that Anacaeca and her adorable family will be staying with us that night and going to the airport very early the next morning, so I really don't want to stay up really really late. So, everybody should plan on coming to the party, and you should also plan on it not going really late (and by not going really late I mean definitely not past midnight, and probably not past 11). We may be giving away some excess stuff too, that is simply not worth the bother of packing.

I need to take some painkillers. Bleh.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yesterday and other times

Yesterday was overall a pretty good day for me. I gave my two-week notice officially at work (if I want to work in their Mesa office I will have to re-apply so I am considering various other job openings right now as well). I didn't have to drive to Salt Lake after work. I cleaned up our living room, since it had art stuff strewn about it and looked rather as if a tornado had been through. I vacuumed. I did a bunch of dishes. I put out our Christmas decorations (which are very cute!). I even made some dinner (frozen pizza, but still...) And I got to spend time with my absolutely fabulous very bestest most-amazing-ever husband whose presents I still need to wrap. And we went to the MOA for FHE, which was fun.

When I made the delicious breakfast the other day, I managed to burn my knuckle on the oven door while putting the tater tots in. I felt the pain when I touched it, and pulled it out to look at it, where I got to see that it had instantly both blistered and popped (my first ever second-degree burn!). When I took a shower on Sunday it turned into a bloody sore. Now it's all scabby and only hurts when the scabs start getting ripped off. I'm curious if it will turn into an awesome scar or not. I've been trying to move it a lot so it doesn't heal up too tight and deprive me of the use of my knuckle, but moving it kind of hurts, so it's somewhat of a quandary.

On the topic of injuries, my thumbnail still has not fallen off. It has, in fact, slowly been growing out. If it keeps it up, it will be a long time before it is back to it's normal color, but I think the black spots are finally dispersing on the bottom, so that's good.

Only two weeks until I move! Aaagh! So much to do! If anybody is interested in helping out, we'll be needing help on Christmas Day probably the most, but as far as I know, pretty much everybody is busy that day, so I don't really expect anybody to help. But thank you for wanting to! Seriously though, go hang out with your families.

On the topic of moving, we need to have a moving-out party. I'm thinking the 22nd would be good because it'll be my last day of work and stuff, but I don't know if anybody will still be in town. So, will anybody still be in town?

Okay, I think that's about everything for now (that I can think of at least).

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm feeling sort of melancholy right now, and I'm not really sure why. I finished my classes. I did all my drawing homework, and all of my sculpture homework that had any chance of getting done without me exploding (I didn't do the sketchbook assignment, but I did all the sculptures). I've got all the songs picked for Sacrament Meeting for the rest of the month. We opened one of our Christmas presents early, and it turned out to be Guitar Hero 2, so we've been having fun playing that. I got to play pictionary last night, which I love playing. I had delicious food for breakfast (rice with sliced smoked sausage chunks with a fried egg with tater tots with lots of ketchup, all mixed together while nice and hot). Yet I'm melancholy. I think the solution is really quite simple--to go take a shower, get dressed up cute, and go shopping for Christmas presents for my family (I'd love to get Christmas presents for all my friends again this year, but I don't think it's going to happen). And I should eat lunch, too. We'll see what ends up happening, I guess.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Yesterday was a ridiculously hard day for a variety of reasons. As a result, I got no homework done. However, I did get some super-secret project done (almost finished!), and taught Veng how to make cookies (mainly I gave him moral support while eating the dough he was mixing), ate a delicious dinner and some delicious cookie dessert (2 cookies with cool whip in between them), watched a bunch of Fruits Basket, and went to bed early, so I could wake up early this morning and work on homework (which I haven't started on still despite actually having woken up early). I also cried a good bit yesterday due to a variety of disappointments that I don't really want to get into here. Anyways, I'm going to go work on my homework now. I'm hoping to have 1 1/2 drawings done before class tonight, and finish up the other 1 1/2 by Wednesday so I can drive up to campus and drop them off at my teacher's office (which he said would be alright, if I need to, and at this rate, I think I need to). Tomorrow I need to work on carving a bust of myself out of floral foam so that I can dip it in plaster during my class so I can take it home and finish it up and get that turned in by Thursday. Wednesday there is a fabulous wedding reception that I absolutely must attend. By Friday, I may have collapsed into tears again several times, but at least my classes will be all done, my homework will be all turned in, my time at the U will be over, and I will be able to focus on first, cleaning the apartment, and second, packing the cleaned apartment every evening after work. On Saturday I'm planning on buying birthday and Christmas presents for my siblings and for Veng, and possibly attending our ward Christmas party for the free food. Sunday is tithing settlement. I need to call somebody in our ward this week about arranging help for cleaning our apartment before we move, I need to arrange a date/time to have the cleaning inspection done (once all our stuff is packed up), and I need to discuss with my work the transfer to the Mesa office and the details with insurance, not to mention where on earth the office is actually located down there, etc, and when my last day working for the Utah office will be exactly. I don't expect I'll be posting much the rest of the week. I hope it goes well for everybody.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


We have a beautiful new MacBook Pro. Very nice, neither of us have ever had a laptop before, we got it on sale, should be very nice to use for the next quite-a-few years. Veng will get to use it for school and stuff, and I will get to use it for play and stuff.

I don't want to do my drawing homework. Bleh.

I do want to watch My Neighbor Totoro. On the laptop. While in bed. With delicious curry to eat, and an ice-cream bar, and Weinhard's rootbeer, and various junk foods. And then I want to read three books in a row. I don't even particularly care which books. And then I want to go swimming.

I will end up showering, then eating dinner, then working on my homework all evening, and all day tomorrow after church.

Note to everybody: wear goggles when working with plaster in a room where compressed air is blowing around.

Note the second (2nd) to everybody: plaster takes a long time to dry.

Note the third to whomever may be interested: There's a lot of cool art classes at ASU and MCC. Maybe I will take one during the summer. I'd like to, but then again, I never want to have to work and take classes simultaneously ever again. It kills me.

Note the fourth, once again regarding plaster: Using plaster is kind of like baking. You have to sift it, then mix it, then pour it, then let it set.

/end notes.

I got an A on my wire tail. Completely, 100% across the board. Hopefully I do as well on the heart I made. And on my currently-being-graded and in-the-process-of-being-made sculpture projects. And on my drawing homework that I'm turning in on Monday.

It is the weekend of doom.

There are three Sundays left which I will have to lead the music for. I already picked the songs for all three of them, and distributed the lists. I should tell the music director that I'm not going to be leading on Christmas Eve so she can be ready to do so. I've decided that 8am church on Christmas Eve two days before we move is too much, and I am going to enjoy my bed for the last morning I get to use it for.