Monday, November 27, 2006


We finally figured out how to turn the furnace on. It involved flipping the thermostat in the hall to "heat" instead of "off" (man, do I feel silly now). So now our apartment is nice and warm, and hopefully there will be no more mornings of waking up freezing and thinking how incredibly nice it would be to just stay under the covers indefinitely.

We went and saw Stranger Than Fiction on Saturday. Very funny movie. I normally can't stand Will Ferrell, but as my dad put it, "he actually acts in this movie!" Very enjoyable. It made me want to be a baker and have delicious pastries and cookies and cakes to eat all the time, but I don't think I'd manage to stay skinny for long if I did that. I highly recommend the movie, but I also recommend having some cookies at home to eat afterwards.

I also recommend throwing away your Henry Weinhard bottles as soon as you're done with them so you don't continuously crave more.

In other news, Veng learned today to not wash hair down the drain! Yay! And now we must go eat. Farewell. Forever. Or at least until tomorrow.

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