Friday, November 17, 2006

So, yeah

Our apartment is quite chilly every morning and sometimes I can't help but wonder if our furnace is on, and I frequently suspect that it is not, yet I do not know how to turn it on. And I'm too lazy to move all the stuff in the closet in front of it. So I just stay cold in the mornings.

I have skipped class almost all week, and it has been lovely. I have made serious dents in the dishes, I have cooked delicious food, and I have had time to talk with my husband, and I have played some little flash games online (and I have purchased materials for my sculpture project). Now, some people think it is a heinous act to skip class. However, I feel that my reasons for doing so are pretty sound. I got a lot more ultimately more important stuff done while I was not-driving, and not at class. I don't particularly like my drawing class. I'm probably not ever coming back to the UofU, and I'm probably not ever transferring these credits, so my grades don't really matter. And it makes me much less stressed to stay at home and do lovely wifely things that I don't get to do very often rather than go to class and have my teacher erase my favorite part of my drawing because it doesn't look 'realistic enough' or tell me in which order I ought to draw my drawing (it's MY drawing, dangit, let me draw it how I want!), or listen to the students in my sculpture class who actually stay for all of class talk about their lives and movies and The Mightiest Country Japan all while not actually doing any work which they get away with because they involve the teacher in their discussions.

I think I'm going to try being a substitute teacher for awhile once we arrive in Arizona. Or maybe I'll try to get a job at a computer store as a clerk or something.

Why isn't it Thanksgiving yet? This semester has taken soooo long. Move faster, semester. This girl wants to move on with her life and get down to the warm weather and the free time.


K la said...

I will miss you when you leave. Just make sure to keep writing in your blog ok?
We need to have a good-bye party for you. When exactly are you moving?

kirsa said...

We're moving on December 26th.