Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So, I skipped class yesterday so that I could work on my homework for my class today because I'd much rather be working on sculpture homework than drawing yet another normal fully-shaded drawing with charcoal. I am tired of charcoal. Plus, my grades don't really matter anymore. Yet I still feel a little guilty for not going to class. But just a little, tiny, bitsy bit guilty. Most of me doesn't care.

I'm pleased with the things I came up with for my sculpture samples. Our current project basically consists of making a skeleton/frame, making something that will be inside it that will interact with it in some way, and then covering the whole thing with a translucent/transparent skin of some sort. So, for the first part of the project, we made samples of translucent/transparent materials, which is the part I did yesterday. The easy parts of mine were due to the joys of Walmart - I bought some clear vinyl which I used by itself. I bought one of those kids toys with the dayglo colored vinylish plastic on top of the white plastic on top of the hard plastic that you can write on, and cut up the top dayglo vinyl and the bottom clear hard plastic and used those by themselves. I bought some cheapo nail polish which I painted onto a sandwich baggie. I bought a package of clear pony beads which I glued together. I bought some bubble wrap, which I cut a square out of to use (the extra can be used for packing!). I bought some packing tape (extra for packing again), and some clear plastic hair bands and made a square of tape, which I stuck the small circular hair bands on, after which I sprayed it with my pink hair spray (leftover from Halloween), then stuck another layer of tape on top to hold it all together. I bought a package of cotton balls (the rest can be used for whatever it is you use cotton balls for), and some fishing line (great for sewing together the leftover clear vinyl later), and made a little nesty wispy see-through webby square out of those. I bought some irridescent see-through fabric which I made a square out of, and some yellow ugly plastic mesh, that I made a square out of. I melted some old birthday candles onto some tissue paper leftover from the wedding, and made a square out of that. And, oh yes, I bought an ugly pink plastic shower cap, and made a square out of that.

So, today, all that's left to do is buy some cardboard or poster board or something, and frame them all.


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