Saturday, November 11, 2006

Quick update.

My thumb is still all black and gross looking (both the smooshed nail part and the blood blister part). So I don't know, maybe my nail will end up falling off, despite how very much I don't want it to.

I got a spider bite on the back of my right hand at the beginning of the week (sneaky thing bit me while I was asleep!). I've never been bitten by a spider before that I know of. It's been interesting to watch it. The first day the back of my hand was largely red and itchy, which led me to believe that my skin was overly dry, so I put some lotion on, and it didn't help whatsoever, so I decided to leave it alone until I knew what was going on. The second day, there was a small red circle, with a white bump that was not really in the center. It looked kind of like a weird zit, but it had non-zit-like properties. The third day there was a brownish little scabby looking tiny spot where the white bump had been, and the small red circle around it was still there. The fourth day was the red circle with a tiny spot, and the skin making up the red circle was starting to look kind of like the brand-new pinkish skin of a healing burn or bad cut. Today is either the fifth or sixth day, I'm not quite sure which, and it turned all white and crusty on top, which Veng said was a sort of scab, so I kinda picked it off, and underneath there is still a red circle with a small part of it having that shiny new-skin sort of pinkish shine to it. I'm quite curious what kind of spider it was to make my skin react in so many varied and interesting ways.

Our official moving date is December 26th. Oh yes, it will be a fun Christmas, with all that box packing and truck loading that we'll be doing in preparation for a 12-hour drive.

I won the DS game tournament thing today. I'm not sure what score Decemberist got, but he played fewer holes than I did (after nine holes, I came out at par, which wasn't too about the fifth hole, I was three below par, which was quite good, I thought). So he may have technically beat me, but I got the game anyway. Yay! Surprisingly fun for a golfing video game.

Oh yes, our next apartment will also have a toilet paper holder in the bathroom that you can actually reach from the toilet.

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Not very many spiders can do that. And the ones that can can affect different people in very different ways. You are probably quite lucky.