Sunday, November 19, 2006

My back is sore from lots of sitting-on-the-floor-making-a-wire-frame-of-a-heart sorts of things. So I am taking a short break (plus, my frame is about halfway done, and I made a door out of wire, with a real cabinet door knob, and some small hinges, which is attached to the frame with wire, all of which I'm very proud of).

It seems like my list of things to do never ends. Or maybe it's just the laundry and

Anyway, on to my current list of projects! (Because I know you're all dying to know)

I have a super-secret special project that I'm working on (and will finish really soon! I promise!)

I have my uber-awesome sculpture project homework that I'm working on (I'm making a size gigantic heart with glowy electroluminescent wire on it!)

I probably have a couple drawing assignments that I ought to do (but I'm not going to!)

I have the aforementioned never-shrinking ever-growing piles of laundry and dishes (which make me tired just thinking about them!)

I have to do little drawings and summaries in my sketchbook for fifty different sculptors (which I'm probably going to try and do all of while Veng is at work on Thanksgiving!)

I have to go grocery shopping (because we're almost out of food again!)

I have to let my visiting teachers visit me in fifteen minutes (if they actually show up!)

I have to find a birthday present for my little brother whose birthday is tomorrow (he's turning 19 and I have no idea what to get him!)

I have to find a birthday present for my little sister whose birthday is in two weeks (she's turning 17 and I will probably get her clothes because she loves them!)

I have to find a Christmas present for whomever in my family we get for Christmas (we're drawing the names tonight at dinner!)

I have to pack up our entire apartment (and we have a ton of stuff that won't all fit in the boxes we have so I have to go buy some more!)

I still have thank-you notes to write from the wedding (I'm determined to do them all if it kills me and they're a year late!)

I have to organize our files into my nice hanging file folders (because they're a complete wreck right now and I can't find any important papers!)

I have to make a Christmas list to give to my family (which won't be hard at all, I just need to take the time to do it!)

And some other stuff.

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