Monday, November 13, 2006

I. Am. Freezing.

Yesterday, I made us both wake up (neither of us wanted to) and go to church. After church, I tried to get my internet back to a state of kind of working okay (I failed). I went visiting teaching. I worked on the internet problems some more (and failed some more). I went visiting teaching again. I made the most delicious roast we have ever had (the first roast I've ever cooked, too), apple cider pork roast, and during my attempt to slice the onions I managed to slice my finger instead. We ate the delicious dinner. I looked at the leftovers, and the dishes. We put the leftovers away, and left the dishes for 'later' (that mysterious future time when we'll have time to do them). I looked at the clock. It was about 7:30pm. I went into our room, changed into my pajamas, and crawled into bed. Veng worked on his homework (we kept the light on and he sat next to me and read for awhile while I was falling asleep). I fell asleep.

I dreamed an odd dream involving wasting time at work, a power outage, a small fuzzy possibly rabid dog that bit people (including me) and wouldn't let go once it had clamped on, a dubious doctor who did not seem to know what he was doing, some Others from some Other place, a bus that drove itself yet had a bus driver person who sometimes drove it, a dilapidated mall, five golden crane statues which you could win prize money for finding, Sears' shoe department, and my mother.

I woke partially up when Veng got up at 6 to work on his homework, then fell back asleep.

At 6:52, I woke up. Got out of bed. Did computer stuff. Ate breakfast with Veng. Got cold.

Now I'm here, Veng has gone to class, and I'm wishing I a) was warm, b) could do nothing at all for a day other than be with Veng and enjoy our time together, and c) didn't have to go to work or class anymore. And it would be nice if my homework wasn't going to take so long to do (which is why I keep putting it off, which is rather counter-intuitive).

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