Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am hungry.

I'm being so good and productive today. Church was kind of bleh (mostly the fault of my attitude). After getting home and crying a little bit (gotta cry sometimes), I started on the dishes. Then I took Veng to work. Then I came home and did some more dishes, and checked some stuff on the computer, then called my little brother to see if he wanted a ride to Salt Lake tonight, then called my visiting teachee and set up an appointment, then called my VT companion to let her know about it. After that I did some more dishes, then called my mother to see if I can do some laundry up there tonight. Then I did more dishes. Then I decided to take a break and did a wipe-down of the counters and the stove, and discovered that Gorilla Glue will in fact eventually come off of a metal sink if you use a sharp razor on it (yay! no fines!), and then I cleaned my razor up because it was dirty from all the things it's been used for lately (I am NOT talking about a hair-shaving razor here, in case you were confused and grossed out at this point). Then I picked the hymns for church for the next three weeks (so prepared!). And now I'm going to finish the dishes, clean some stuff up a bit, and then go up to Salt Lake for dinner (and laundry).

I should be more productive on other days and rest more on Sundays. At least this week should go a little better with things somewhat clean around here.

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Kris Akarti said...

I always feel like I'm more productive on Sundays, especially when I don't go to church. Funny how that works out.