Thursday, November 30, 2006

Drawing to a close

I talked to my drawing teacher yesterday. He's probably being a lot nicer to me than I deserve, seeing as how I've missed about a third of the classes of the semester. Anyways, I have a lot of homework to do this weekend. I'll have sculpture homework to do, too. Busy, busy. Stayed up too late last night, talking to Veng. Hopefully I don't fall asleep at work today. Our apartment is pleasantly warm, the Auto setting on the furnace seems to be working okay today. I have to buy my younger siblings' birthday presents this weekend, too. No forgetting that. After tonight, I will have three classes left this semester. Then the next week I'll have to go back up to the U to pick up my drawing portfolio and any of my sculpture stuff that's still in the studio. And who knows, that may end up being my last time ever going in the art building at the U, which will be sad in a lot of ways, but it'll be nice to be done with classes for awhile again. Though it would be fun to do color theory and woodworking next semester, but only if I didn't have to work as well.

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