Saturday, November 04, 2006

Daydream believer and a homecoming queen

My thumb is mostly better. I can use it now again, though it's still all black and nasty looking, and my nail doesn't seem to be growing. I'm sure it'll get all better soon though.

School is wearing me out. Yet I keep finding so many things that I want to learn! More art stuff, of course, as well as at least 10 completely different areas of study. I think a lot of my current wanting-to-learn-new-stuff is inspired by my dread of job hunting. I don't really like having a degree in English, because for most jobs that I look at that are available that I think I'd actually enjoy, I don't feel fully qualified for because I have no experience in that field. And the jobs I do feel fully qualified for are certainly not ones that require a bachelor's degree, nor do I seem to end up enjoying them very much after awhile. I've been looking at jobs in Mesa for most of the morning and am getting to my standard discouraged job-hunt state.

The rest of the morning was really quite lovely. We went on a nice hour-long walk, which I really enjoyed, and saw a bunch of houses, and discussed their various merits and demerits. I've decided that really, I like houses that are built in the modern style (kind of Bauhaus-ish), though most of the ones we saw today I would definitely like to change up a bit, because I don't think they really accomplished the merging of interior and exterior spaces very well. But I do like the architectural style. I also like houses that aren't flat on front, that have interesting rooflines, or protrusions, or porches, or whatever, that create a variety of spaces and volumes that draw your eye across the house. A variety of colors is always nice too. A contrasting-colored roof is a must, of course, and having shutters, or a combo of stone and siding, or siding and brick, or whatever, when the colors are right, it just makes for a visually gorgeous house. We saw a lot of cool yards too, that people had really just done amazing things with, so they fit with the look of the house, while still providing a nice space for the house owners to use. It makes me want to study architecture, and landscaping, and interior design.

I also had the most delicious yogurt ever today. It's one of the Yoplait Whipped yogurts, Chocolate Mousse style, Chocolate Cherry flavor. It tastes like chocolate cheesecake, and it is delicious, and I must buy more of them next time I'm at the store, because goodness gracious, it was divine. Which reminds me of the jingle Veng made up yesterday to describe rondele to me: "If the clouds in heaven had a taste, they would taste like rondele." Speaking of rondele, we made bagel sandwiches with rondele on them today, and they are, indeed, very delicious. I love delicious food, though I'm not very good at making up my own recipes. So, you know, it kind of makes me want to go to culinary school.

I've also been listening to more indie music lately, along with my standard eclectic mix of various rock and electronic musics. It's all good stuff, and I love the variety, and I generally find it quite fun to sing along, and try to make the sound of my voice match the feel of the song. And I find myself wanting to get a keyboard, and some sound-editing software, and a bass (or a bass guitar), and a computer mic, and make my own music, and advertise myself, and find a band to be a part of, and learn all about audio recording and engineering, and so on and so forth.

And I keep thinking of all these costumes and cool clothes I want to make, so I want to take a sewing class.

And I want to learn CSS and make my own cool webpages.

And I want to take an acting class, so I can tell stories really well, and maybe do some commercial work.

And there's entirely too many things I want to learn how to do (I'm not even done with my list yet) and entirely not enough things that I already know how to do, and there's a distinct lack of available jobs that match my current skill-set that actually sound even vaguely actually fun. And I want a fun job, darn it. Or at least a job that has a regular smattering of fun moments. I guess that'll be one good thing about being a mom in the are hard to deal with, but they sure do have a lot of fun moments.

I need to buy some boxes and start packing up some stuff. And do the dishes. And laundry. And my homework. And finish the thank-you notes. And my sister's birthday present which is now almost three months late. And I ought to figure out what to get for my two siblings whose birthdays are rapidly approaching. And I want to go Christmas shopping. And I want to design a house, inside, outside, everything, and make crap to decorate it with. And then I want to build the house, and live in it, and have a family, and teach them all sorts of cool things, and get babysitters on a regular basis so I can go jam with my band, and I want to be this amazing person and live this amazing life. But first I need to go do those dishes.

(My next apartment WILL have a dishwasher, and a washer and dryer, and an air-conditioner, and that is that.)

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Th. said...


Sure it will. These things take time and (in our case) eight moves.

In fact, with the last move we left behind a dishwasher but gained a washer and drier. I don't know if we'll ever have them all.