Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And it won't be a pretty sight

I'm cold again. Our furnace is a fickle thing, and I think the thermostat is completely wrong, constantly. I predict the next month will be a fine dance of having it on long enough for it to warm up, and for it to warm the apartment up, but not on long enough to make us swelteringly hot.

I emailed both of my teachers about missing class just barely, so that's done and over with. I did all the dishes last night, and made the soup, and cleaned up the bathroom, and worked on the super-secret project. My throat is still slightly sore, but I slept well last night. So, my reasons for skipping class yesterday, the slightly logical ones at least, have all been taken care of. Now there's only illogical reasons left to combat. I doubt it will be a war worth watching.

Friday the 8th is almost here, and that will be nice, because my classes will be over, the super-secret project will be done, my sister's birthday will be past, and I will be able to spend time packing and cleaning and cooking and cleaning and packing.

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