Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Really quick, key points of my dream last night so I don't forget, because it was interesting:

Chevron that was a laundromat that also had a homestyle-cookin' food buffet (but it was a Texaco first).

My car folded up like those windshield sun reflectors, and I could carry it under my arm inside the gas station, then unfold it and gas it up. Gas went from 2, 3, and 10 octanes straight up to 88 octane (who carries 88 octane?) and higher (for that matter, who carries gas with an octane of 2, 3, or 10?).

I did laundry at the gas station (where weird boys tried to hit on me) despite the fact that my whole family was staying at my parents' friends' house, which was a very very nice house and had a washer and drier (but my sister was using the washer and drier for her family's laundry so I couldn't). The house was in Nebraska. It had all this beautiful dark wood trim inside all over everything. Weird things about the house: The stairs to downstairs were hard to find, behind a door, and the lights in the stairwell were burned out, and the stairs were very dark and very steep and very narrow and very long. But once you got down them, the bottom level of the house was just as nice as the top level. The doorways were all only a few inches higher than my head. That was weird.

My sister briefly became somebody else and yelled at me for waking up her small toddler girl when I went downstairs and turned on the light so I could see and find my way to the washer/drier to see if they were still in use.

Anyway, that was my dream.

Things I need to do today:
Put the license plates on the car
Go to work
Cook dinner
Do laundry
Go grocery shopping

It is going to be a busy day (there's a lot of laundry and lots of groceries).

Interesting thing from yesterday:

My drawing teacher said I sounded like I was from the midwest, that I had a slight drawl to my speech, and that he expected me to say "eh?" at the end of one of my sentences. The funny old pretzel guy that's in both of my classes mentioned after that he could have sworn I was from Minnesota (he's originally from Michigan, but has lost his accent after living in Utah for awhile). They were both very surprised that I have never lived in the Midwest. (That now makes Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, as places that people have guessed that my accent is from.)

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