Monday, October 02, 2006


I am tired. This generally does bad things to my mood. I have been tired since precisely 4:37, when I left for class. I almost fell asleep on the way there. Not good, since class was three hours with an hour drive home, but I made it through. Other than sleepiness, life is pretty good. I got to start listening to music while at work today, which helps make it seem a little faster, even though I'm going precisely the same speed. And prior to work, I went to Harbor Freight Tools, and bought tools! Harbor Freight is a pretty good store for afordable tools, though I can't vouch much for the quality of most of them. But I know their riveters and hand punches work, and the rotary set I got from there seems to work. So, I now own three new tools, and it makes me a happy girl. Now I just have to manage to finish Fred tomorrow before class somehow or other. I would stay up tonight and work on him, but I am incredibly sleepy (for absolutely no good reason, too).

I need to throw together lunches for tomorrow. G'night.

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