Monday, October 23, 2006

Sakura pic, as promised, and...NEWS!

Hopefully I will get some more pics (especially of details) when I wear it for Halloween this weekend.

And now, time for some irregularly scheduled NEWS announcements!

Well, okay, only one.

We are probably moving to Arizona sometime in late December/early January. Why? Because it sounds fun, and warm, and we'll have lived in Utah for 8 months since getting married (allowing us to spend time with my family) and will have 8 months to be in Arizona with Mike's family before grad school begins.

Important notes:
Coley, I have talked with my parents, and they said it's fine if you stay with them if you'd like in order to get to the airport and things for Christmas. They are nice, and it would probably also be fine if you left your car there. We have no idea when exactly we're leaving Utah, so we may or may not be there at my parents' house. We will try to get more precise details figured out soon, so I can let you know.

If anybody wants to come to Utah to visit people, they should do so before January, so I can see you again!

If I need to give any of you anything, please let me know sometime in the next two months, eh?

So, yep! It's kind of nice having a plan in place, and I am looking forward to not being in Utah for yet another February. Hopefully it will all work out.


Kris Akarti said...

AHHH!!!! LAME AND SAD!!!! But good luck to you, and if you need anything let me know. I'll be glad to help (this is in reference to your last post as well.

Btw, I, too, am incapable of sleeping the entire day even in the depressiest of depressions. I use the comp as my retreat as well, and pray for the moment i feel tired enough to sleep so I can maybe take a nap and make everything disappear.)

Th. said...


I know I've only met you once, but I still can't recognize you.