Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Thursday, during sculpture class, I was flattening some wire by hammering it. And, of course, since I have great skill at injuring myself in that class, I managed to hit my thumb with the hammer, really hard. Now, I've seen my dad hit his thumb with a hammer several times during my life. He generally yells a bit, grimaces a bit, and then continues on about his life. So, my impression of hitting your thumb with a hammer was always that it must not hurt a whole lot other than the first brief pain. Boy, was I ever wrong. My thumb has never hurt so much during my life. Right after hitting it, I grimaced. Then I looked at it, and then I looked at it again, and then I half-heartedly tried finishing flattening the wire I was working on, decided there was no chance of doing anything while my thumb was hurting so much, gathered up my stuff, showed my teacher, went to the bathroom and ran it under cold water and cried and called Mike so he could tell me how to take care of it, and then went back to the classroom. I decided at this point that I was completely incapacitated, and informed my teacher that I was going home.

My plan was actually to go get fast food. Not for the purpose of getting fast food so much as for the purpose of having some food to take some Tylenol with, and for getting a cup of ice to stick my thumb in. I stopped after about three minutes of driving, and wrapped my thumb up with masking tape so it couldn't get all swollen before I could get it taken care of, and so I wouldn't accidentally move it while driving and cause myself even more massive pain. Unfortunately, the only fast food places I passed were on the left side of the street, and with driving with only my right hand, I didn't feel up to making a sharp left turn. So I went to my parents' house, and sobbed the entire way there, because dang it! it hurt. I got there and was shaky from either crying or pain, and got some nice sympathy, and a large bag of ice, and some toast and Cetaphil, and some kisses from my nephews (sooo cute!) to help my ouchie feel better. I talked to my family for awhile so the pain meds could kick in a bit and my thumb could get numbed up, and then I drove home to Mike. By the time I got home, it hurt again, so I took some more pain meds, and wrapped it up in some gauze and medical tape instead of the masking tape. I was feeling kind of nauseous by this point too, but that hasn't been terribly abnormal the past several days.

Anyways, now it's feeling almost all better, though I still can't really use it for much. But! Because I think it is interesting, I wanted to post pictures for all of you! Hooray! Pictures of my bloody-bruised nail, and my blood blister!

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