Sunday, October 01, 2006


We've been eating a lot of egg dishes lately. I really need to update my recipe blog again, because there's so many good recipes I've been making, I need to keep track of them. We had a breakfast dish where I folded tortillas into little basket things in a muffin tin, then put an egg in each one, and then topped it with some homemade tomato stuff and some cheese and baked it (those things are delicious). We've had souffle. I made a quiche today. And I'm planning on making German pancakes very soon. Lots of eggs (eggs are healthy, right?). Whether healthy or not, eggs make delicious foodstuffs.

The sushi party / Conference watching / hanging out yesterday was a success, in my opinion. It was great hanging out with people again a bit, and everybody seemed to like the food, and I enjoyed myself (and Veng enjoyed himself) and hopefully everybody else enjoyed themselves as well. Many thanks to everybody who came. It made me happy.

I woke up this morning with gunk in my nose and throat and a sore chest, which is all in all a good sign, I think, that our apartment is dusty and needs to be vacuumed. Someday we will be wealthy and settled and I'll be able to get allergy shots and won't have to clean so often. ;) I cleaned the toilet yesterday too, due to an unfortunate clogging incident and a stuck plunger. But at least the toilet is nice and very, very clean now.

I found a store at which I can buy my tools I need for my homework. Unfortunately, they closed at 6 yesterday. So I think I will stop by early tomorrow morning (early being eight o'clock). Because I'm very, very eager to get the tools, because I love having tools which I can use. I will be buying a hand hole punch kit (for sheet metal up to 1/16" thick), and a hand riveter, and some rivets. I may also buy some tin snips, and I'd really like a rotary set so I can finish texturizing Fred. And we will hopefully soon be getting a low-power drill (I don't care if it's kind of slow, as long as it works, but knowing me and kind of cheap power tools, I will probably burn out the motor the first time I use it). I am excited for the day when we move into a house, with a garage, which will hopefully be large enough that I can keep a wide variety of tools in there (or maybe I'll just have to have a portion of my studio room that I will someday have be dedicated to holding all my tools). I will someday need a table saw, and a jigsaw, and a couple other various saws, and a good place for clamping stuff onto, and a good drill, and sockets (I think they're called sockets) for my ratchet so it can actually be used, and a mallet, and house-painting supplies, and if we have any trees then a chainsaw would probably be useful (yes, I've used a chainsaw before). I took a little online aptitude test the other day, and it told me I'd probably be a good architect. I think it'd be an interesting career, good blend of science and creativity, making things that are both nice to look at, and structurally sound. Heh. Maybe I'll go back to school again years from now and study to be an architect, after finishing studying to be an artist, and maybe I'll go to chef school sometime also, because, you know, it'd be cool. Then again, maybe I will just start staying home and doing stuff with what I've already learned. At least there's plenty of things I'm still interested in studying for the rest of my life.

I think it's time to go eat some quiche and then get rid of Fred's current sharp edges so I'll be ready to finish him tomorrow and Tuesday, and then I will watch some more conference (which I've thoroughly enjoyed so far), and then make dinner in time for Veng to get home from work. And then maybe I'll vacuum. And then go to sleep, because I'm tired. My sister liked the scarf I made for her, even though it ended up being pretty short, and very late. It was fun to crochet again. Now I need to finish the scarf for my other sister. Along with everything else. And I need to figure out some way to watch Lost Season 3 (we're almost done with Season 2) despite having class during its showtime (re-runs maybe?). Anyways, life is good today, though my allergies are vicious. Thanks again to everybody who came over yesterday and made it such a great day!

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