Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday, oh glorious day

It's Friday, and I'm happy. Though today won't be incredibly different from Wednesday (when I stayed home from class because I was feeling crappy more emotionally than anything but also had a headache and it was raining and I didn't want to deal with all the stupid drivers who don't know crap about driving in the rain here), or from Thursday (when I didn't have class because of fall break, though I would've gone if I'd had class, because I want to learn how to work with wire, which is what we're doing next). But, because today is Friday, and the weekend, I will be able to hang out with friends, which will be exciting. And tomorrow is our stake's Asian Festival, which will be interesting, hopefully.

Due to not going to class the past couple days, I've been managing to cook dinner, and it has been tasty. And I love having leftovers. I tell you what. They're fabulous.

We've also been good about going on walks the past couple days, which has been nice. Hopefully regular exercise will keep my legs from needing to be jiggled and stretched almost continuously while at work (there's something about that chair, my legs get incredibly antsy when I sit in it for very long).

Plus! Because I had no class yesterday, we finally got all of Season 2 of Lost watched, as well as the premiere of Season 3, which made me happy. But frustrated, because Lost is a frustrating show and I want some answers, and know I'm not going to really get any, and I really hope we find out more about Libby soon, because what on earth was going on with her?

And now, back to my regularly scheduled life...

I'm dressed vaguely skater-ish today, with my Shorty's Skateboard Products shirt, and my baggy jeans, and my fat skater shoes, and Veng's G-Star hat (big beany with a fat leather patch on it). It will undoubtedly add yet more layers of weirdness to my coworkers' impression of me (the office lady has already said that she barely recognizes me without a hat on...success!)

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