Friday, October 13, 2006


Time for another quick update, eh?

Thanks for all the music suggestions. I have incorporated some of them into my listening already, and will probably be asking some of you to borrow some stuff soon.

Tonight was fun, but the day in preparation for it was very long. I went to work an hour earlier than normal (after staying up late last night cleaning) so that I could come home an hour earlier than normal. Then I vaccumed the whole apartment. And cleaned the toilet, and the bathroom sink, and the mirror. And picked up and put away a few things. And then I entertained my mother and older sister and two nephews for about half an hour. And I took out the trash. Then I went to the store, just for food for tonight (I have to go to the store again in the morning for food for tomorrow). Then I came home, defrosted the chicken, did the dishes, made fruit salsa, made guacamole, cut up all the stuff for the chicken pineapple fajitas, and made crispy cinnamon sugar tortilla triangles (for dipping into the fruit salsa). By that point the guests were here. So then we ate. And then we played games. Interspersed throughout was waiting while they tried to get their baby to stop crying (which was fine, I understand babies cry a lot, and she was a cute baby so I didn't really mind, but it made the evening seem longer than it was, I think). And then they left. At midnight.

Tomorrow, I get to go to the store (again) and buy more food, drop Veng off at UVSC, make enough tomato lentil soup for 10 people, go to the relief society enrichment lunch with the soup, go meet Veng at UVSC and tour the Renaissance Festival they've got going on there, then go up to Salt Lake for a haunted house and probably hang out afterwards and stuffs. Which will all be good. But it means I don't get to sleep in. So on Sunday I will be taking a nap after church I think, because I am worn out.

It is midterm time. Everyone, I think, is worn out. Or worn down. If there's anything I can do to help any of you feel better, let me know, and I will try my hardest to help out. No dying.

Lots of loves,


Katria said...

I have church at UVSC's institute building. It makes church very long, having it way out there.

Th. said...


Why do you have it there? I thought only single people did that?