Sunday, October 29, 2006

On Thursday, during sculpture class, I was flattening some wire by hammering it. And, of course, since I have great skill at injuring myself in that class, I managed to hit my thumb with the hammer, really hard. Now, I've seen my dad hit his thumb with a hammer several times during my life. He generally yells a bit, grimaces a bit, and then continues on about his life. So, my impression of hitting your thumb with a hammer was always that it must not hurt a whole lot other than the first brief pain. Boy, was I ever wrong. My thumb has never hurt so much during my life. Right after hitting it, I grimaced. Then I looked at it, and then I looked at it again, and then I half-heartedly tried finishing flattening the wire I was working on, decided there was no chance of doing anything while my thumb was hurting so much, gathered up my stuff, showed my teacher, went to the bathroom and ran it under cold water and cried and called Mike so he could tell me how to take care of it, and then went back to the classroom. I decided at this point that I was completely incapacitated, and informed my teacher that I was going home.

My plan was actually to go get fast food. Not for the purpose of getting fast food so much as for the purpose of having some food to take some Tylenol with, and for getting a cup of ice to stick my thumb in. I stopped after about three minutes of driving, and wrapped my thumb up with masking tape so it couldn't get all swollen before I could get it taken care of, and so I wouldn't accidentally move it while driving and cause myself even more massive pain. Unfortunately, the only fast food places I passed were on the left side of the street, and with driving with only my right hand, I didn't feel up to making a sharp left turn. So I went to my parents' house, and sobbed the entire way there, because dang it! it hurt. I got there and was shaky from either crying or pain, and got some nice sympathy, and a large bag of ice, and some toast and Cetaphil, and some kisses from my nephews (sooo cute!) to help my ouchie feel better. I talked to my family for awhile so the pain meds could kick in a bit and my thumb could get numbed up, and then I drove home to Mike. By the time I got home, it hurt again, so I took some more pain meds, and wrapped it up in some gauze and medical tape instead of the masking tape. I was feeling kind of nauseous by this point too, but that hasn't been terribly abnormal the past several days.

Anyways, now it's feeling almost all better, though I still can't really use it for much. But! Because I think it is interesting, I wanted to post pictures for all of you! Hooray! Pictures of my bloody-bruised nail, and my blood blister!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sakura pic, as promised, and...NEWS!

Hopefully I will get some more pics (especially of details) when I wear it for Halloween this weekend.

And now, time for some irregularly scheduled NEWS announcements!

Well, okay, only one.

We are probably moving to Arizona sometime in late December/early January. Why? Because it sounds fun, and warm, and we'll have lived in Utah for 8 months since getting married (allowing us to spend time with my family) and will have 8 months to be in Arizona with Mike's family before grad school begins.

Important notes:
Coley, I have talked with my parents, and they said it's fine if you stay with them if you'd like in order to get to the airport and things for Christmas. They are nice, and it would probably also be fine if you left your car there. We have no idea when exactly we're leaving Utah, so we may or may not be there at my parents' house. We will try to get more precise details figured out soon, so I can let you know.

If anybody wants to come to Utah to visit people, they should do so before January, so I can see you again!

If I need to give any of you anything, please let me know sometime in the next two months, eh?

So, yep! It's kind of nice having a plan in place, and I am looking forward to not being in Utah for yet another February. Hopefully it will all work out.

Please do not ever use 11th-grade slang in your English papers

I am behind on Life. It just keeps building up. Lately, I have been going to work, and partway through the afternoon, I'll be sitting there at my desk working, and will suddenly want to cry. I am to the point of having to convince myself almost every day WHY I ought to go to class, what the point is. I try to take the weekends off to relax and enjoy myself and spend time with Veng, but then I don't get any of the housework done. I'm still not done writing thank-you notes from the wedding. My sister's birthday present isn't done yet, and it's already 2 months late. I have a huge list of things I'd like to do in my spare-time, but I have no spare-time to do them in. I feel sick pretty regularly (colds, funny joint problems, headaches), and my depression is coming back very sneakily (those two things are correlated, sparked in part, I'm sure, by stress).

So, how am I dealing with all this? I'm not taking classes next semester, for starters. I need my evenings back, darn it. I am enjoying what I am learning in class, true, but it is stressing me out way too much, plus it costs a lot. So, art degree = postponed. As for the rest of it? I'm doing a crappy job of dealing. My cards are all over the floor, and instead of picking them up and re-stacking them and handing them out properly to whoever needs them at the moment, I keep trying to ignore them until the last second, then pick up a couple and toss them in the air in hopes that the people who need them will grab them. I think that's a pretty good analogy (I always enjoy coming up with a good analogy...helping my little sister re-write her Hamlet essay yesterday has been bringing out many of my English-major tendencies again).

My bed is so tempting. It would be nice to go lay in it all day, and sleep, and just forget life for awhile. The only problem with that is, I am incapable of sleeping the entire day. That was one aspect of depression that never invaded my life. I can't do it, even when I want to. I get antsy, and bored, and am entirely awake, and so get out of bed and use the computer as my retreat instead...until I get antsy, and bored, and need to move to something else. Anyway, I'm taking the day off work today, because I've got a stupid cold again and feel like crap, and there's a crapload of stuff I need to do--homework, dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, homework, thank-you notes, present-making, homework, and some other random shopping. And I need to sleep a little longer, because I feel like crap. So, back to bed I go for probably an hour, then AWAY! into the realms of crazy at-home-sick productivity.

I just hope I can make it through the rest of this semester without a complete breakdown. No time for that right now.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Costume Report: Sakura--Con Report: Anime Banzai

On Friday, I decided we were definitely going to go to Anime Banzai for most of Saturday. And I decided I would be going as Sakura from Naruto. So, Friday night (other than the time spent cooking and eating dinner) was dedicated to the process of costuming.

Step 1: Went through my sewing crap and dug out the stuff I bought back in July in anticipation of making a Sakura costume sometime. This consisted of a red collared v-neck t-shirt, some red yoga pants, and a short khaki skirt, and a pair of black boots, all purchased from DI for very cheap.

Step 2: Looked up a great many pictures of Sakura cosplayers and studied the fan-art that I had on my computer to determine precisely what I was going to do for the costume, and what I needed to get in order to do it all.

Step 3: Went to Jo-Ann's, and left Veng in a corner playing Metroid on his DS while I wandered through massive hordes of Halloween-costume-making women who were there for last minute costuming as was I. Found and purchased 1 peice of white felt (used), 1 box of hooks and eyes (unused), 1 long white sports zipper 18" (used), 1 package light-khaki-colored quilt binding (used), 1 package red quilt binding (used), 1 buckle thing (used), some white rib-knit fabric (used), some stiff green canvasy fabric (used), and some black fabric that was stretchy in one direction (unused).

Step 4: Costume assembly. I started on this after dinner, so it was already getting a bit late (9 o'clock-ish). I decided to start with the boots. I cut off the toes with a razor, which was kind of fun. Then I looked for my black foam-backed fabric that I was positive I had leftovers of (I was wrong). So I moved on. Next came the skirt. I figured out where all the slits should be, and cut them to the appropriate length. Then I began to sew on the khaki quilt-binding to edge the slits so they wouldn't fray horribly (because I did NOT want to hem them myself). Then I ran out of quilt binding at approximately 10:30. So, I sent Veng to Walmart to get me some more (which was very, very nice of him). I looked up the button-holing instructions in my sewing machine user's manual, and sewed in some long button-holes for the belt to go through. I should've ironed the skirt after all that, but I put it off and ended up running out of time. I sewed the little white elbow-covers (way easy), cut off the yoga pants into shorts and hemmed them (easy), and measured and cut-out the black stretchy fabric for the boot-top-covers. By the time I was done with all of that, it was approximately 1:30 in the morning or so. And I was still feeling reasonably awake, so I decided to do the shirt. I cut a big 0 out of the felt and sewed it on the back. I figured out where to cut the collar, and where the zipper ought to go. And I cut the front of the shirt in half, and cut half the collar off (it was like a polo-shirt collar, and I was turning into more of a mandarin-style collar). And because hemming sucks, I took the red quilt-binding and edged the whole cut part with that, which turned out looking pretty good, though I couldn't figure out how to get the binding to make a nice curve on the corners of the collar, so they turned into points. And then I got to add the zipper. I determined that it is hard to get zippers to curve. They just don't want to do it. So I looked up some suggestions on curving zippers online, and decided to just make some cuts in the zipper fabric on either side of the curve so that it could bend and still lie somewhat flat. It worked pretty well. And then the shirt was done and I decided to look up how to sew gloves online. Most of the instructions were long and complicated and involved gussets and crap. One instruction set said to just trace your hand, add a seam allowance, cut it out and sew it together. So I tried it with the black stretchy fabric (which I determined SUCKS to try and gets sucked into the hole that the needle goes through, which is never a good thing). The glove turned out okay, other than a few places where the sewing didn't really catch (because the fabric SUCKS) and so there were a couple holes along the seam. Too much work though, so I gave up and decided I would use my black one-size-fits-all stretchy knit Walmart gloves. And I looked at the clock, and it was 3:58 am, and thus time for the next step.

Step 5: Sleep. A lovely four hours.

Step 6: More costume assembly. No time for breakfast. I made the belt, and made the small bag, and made the headband (using some leftover sheet metal--yay!). I tried to make the boot-tops out of the black stretchy fabric, but it SUCKS, and so I gave up, and hijacked my leggings from my Tatiana costume, and chopped them off so they only went up to my knees. If I ever want to do Tatiana again, I will have to make new leggings. Shaved my legs. Then I dug out the gloves, and put everything on except the headband, and Veng sprayed my hair pink (I love colored hair spray, it's one of the best inventions in the world). Added the headband, and voila, one hot Sakura chick. Seriously, I was hot. I look good in pink hair. The costume turned out great for less than 24 hours of working on it and a mere 4 hours of sleep. Definitely (in my opinion) my best cosplay yet.


The con was fun. We got there at about noon (I did makeup in the car for the first time in my's pretty hard to do, but it turned out well). It was at SLCC, which is not the greatest of venues, but it worked alright. Took awhile to find where we were supposed to register at. Once we had our badges, we ate our bento lunches that Veng had put together. He took pictures of me eating, which are probably cute, and which I will probably upload later. We wandered through the dealer's room several times throughout the day, and ended up with the complete Cowboy Bebop soundtrack (4 discs, limited edition, $35), and a red plaid kitty-eared hat ($10, super-cute), and some Ramune (tasty, tasty), and some pocky (had gotten all melted together, so it wasn't really your standard pocky-eating experience...too much chocolate at once). Went to a couple panels, which were about as interesting as I ever find panels to be (they were good, make no mistake, I'm just not a huge fan of anime-con panels in general). We went to the cosplay competition and watched all the skits, and Veng participated in the DDR competition. I found an incredibly cute tiny Totoro keychain, but it was $6 so I did not buy it (though...that was mainly just because Veng had the cash, and he wasn't with me at the time...otherwise I would probably have it right now). And we watched the first two episodes of Nana, which was fun.

Things that surprised me about the con: There was a disproportionally high percentage of cosplayers there, compared to AX where there's many people wearing normal clothes. At Anime Banzai it seemed that most everybody had a costume on, and the normally-dressed people were in the minority. There were maybe 3 Bleach cosplayers that I saw. Quite a lot more Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers. And an INSANELY HUGE number of Naruto cosplayers. And lots of people that had Naruto headbands tied to their arms or something just for the heck of it. I was the only time-jump Sakura I saw there, though, which was cool. I suck at posing for pictures. Over 1,000 people attended (not bad at all for it being only the con's second year of existence), which means they may very well have enough money to do a 3-day con in a hotel next year. I am very impressed by these people's level of dedication to start a yearly anime con, in Utah of all places, and I am very impressed by the Utah anime-fanbase for so many of them showing up.


I looked good. The con was fun. On the way home we got Wendy's. I got very cold anytime we walked outside (if I ever do a con somewhere cold again, I will have to choose a cosplay with a jacket). Well worth $10 for a Saturday of fun and entertainment, and well worth the cost of the materials for my cosplay.

Pictures to be added later.

P.S. Due to the limited amount of sleep on Friday night, when we got home on Saturday we forgot to set the alarm and completely slept through church! Which wouldn't be a problem, except, you know, I was supposed to lead the music, and Veng was supposed to set up all the chairs. Oh well.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Really quick, key points of my dream last night so I don't forget, because it was interesting:

Chevron that was a laundromat that also had a homestyle-cookin' food buffet (but it was a Texaco first).

My car folded up like those windshield sun reflectors, and I could carry it under my arm inside the gas station, then unfold it and gas it up. Gas went from 2, 3, and 10 octanes straight up to 88 octane (who carries 88 octane?) and higher (for that matter, who carries gas with an octane of 2, 3, or 10?).

I did laundry at the gas station (where weird boys tried to hit on me) despite the fact that my whole family was staying at my parents' friends' house, which was a very very nice house and had a washer and drier (but my sister was using the washer and drier for her family's laundry so I couldn't). The house was in Nebraska. It had all this beautiful dark wood trim inside all over everything. Weird things about the house: The stairs to downstairs were hard to find, behind a door, and the lights in the stairwell were burned out, and the stairs were very dark and very steep and very narrow and very long. But once you got down them, the bottom level of the house was just as nice as the top level. The doorways were all only a few inches higher than my head. That was weird.

My sister briefly became somebody else and yelled at me for waking up her small toddler girl when I went downstairs and turned on the light so I could see and find my way to the washer/drier to see if they were still in use.

Anyway, that was my dream.

Things I need to do today:
Put the license plates on the car
Go to work
Cook dinner
Do laundry
Go grocery shopping

It is going to be a busy day (there's a lot of laundry and lots of groceries).

Interesting thing from yesterday:

My drawing teacher said I sounded like I was from the midwest, that I had a slight drawl to my speech, and that he expected me to say "eh?" at the end of one of my sentences. The funny old pretzel guy that's in both of my classes mentioned after that he could have sworn I was from Minnesota (he's originally from Michigan, but has lost his accent after living in Utah for awhile). They were both very surprised that I have never lived in the Midwest. (That now makes Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, as places that people have guessed that my accent is from.)

Friday, October 13, 2006


Time for another quick update, eh?

Thanks for all the music suggestions. I have incorporated some of them into my listening already, and will probably be asking some of you to borrow some stuff soon.

Tonight was fun, but the day in preparation for it was very long. I went to work an hour earlier than normal (after staying up late last night cleaning) so that I could come home an hour earlier than normal. Then I vaccumed the whole apartment. And cleaned the toilet, and the bathroom sink, and the mirror. And picked up and put away a few things. And then I entertained my mother and older sister and two nephews for about half an hour. And I took out the trash. Then I went to the store, just for food for tonight (I have to go to the store again in the morning for food for tomorrow). Then I came home, defrosted the chicken, did the dishes, made fruit salsa, made guacamole, cut up all the stuff for the chicken pineapple fajitas, and made crispy cinnamon sugar tortilla triangles (for dipping into the fruit salsa). By that point the guests were here. So then we ate. And then we played games. Interspersed throughout was waiting while they tried to get their baby to stop crying (which was fine, I understand babies cry a lot, and she was a cute baby so I didn't really mind, but it made the evening seem longer than it was, I think). And then they left. At midnight.

Tomorrow, I get to go to the store (again) and buy more food, drop Veng off at UVSC, make enough tomato lentil soup for 10 people, go to the relief society enrichment lunch with the soup, go meet Veng at UVSC and tour the Renaissance Festival they've got going on there, then go up to Salt Lake for a haunted house and probably hang out afterwards and stuffs. Which will all be good. But it means I don't get to sleep in. So on Sunday I will be taking a nap after church I think, because I am worn out.

It is midterm time. Everyone, I think, is worn out. Or worn down. If there's anything I can do to help any of you feel better, let me know, and I will try my hardest to help out. No dying.

Lots of loves,

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Post-punk. New Wave. 80's dance music. Techno. Electronica. Industrial. Synth-pop. Various and sundry subdivisions of metal. I am not a music elitist, a true indie fan, someone who can classify and categorize and only listens to certain stuff. I don't care what it's called. I just want more of it. All of that. And some more emo, and punk, and goth, and grunge, and hip-hop, and R&B, and whatever. Good music. Catchy music. Addicting music.

Smother me with your musical suggestions. Bands/artists, and the best introductory songs to those bands/artists. I need to go exploring, I need more of what I've heard these tiny snippets of, I'm in a music gathering mood.

Smother me.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday, oh glorious day

It's Friday, and I'm happy. Though today won't be incredibly different from Wednesday (when I stayed home from class because I was feeling crappy more emotionally than anything but also had a headache and it was raining and I didn't want to deal with all the stupid drivers who don't know crap about driving in the rain here), or from Thursday (when I didn't have class because of fall break, though I would've gone if I'd had class, because I want to learn how to work with wire, which is what we're doing next). But, because today is Friday, and the weekend, I will be able to hang out with friends, which will be exciting. And tomorrow is our stake's Asian Festival, which will be interesting, hopefully.

Due to not going to class the past couple days, I've been managing to cook dinner, and it has been tasty. And I love having leftovers. I tell you what. They're fabulous.

We've also been good about going on walks the past couple days, which has been nice. Hopefully regular exercise will keep my legs from needing to be jiggled and stretched almost continuously while at work (there's something about that chair, my legs get incredibly antsy when I sit in it for very long).

Plus! Because I had no class yesterday, we finally got all of Season 2 of Lost watched, as well as the premiere of Season 3, which made me happy. But frustrated, because Lost is a frustrating show and I want some answers, and know I'm not going to really get any, and I really hope we find out more about Libby soon, because what on earth was going on with her?

And now, back to my regularly scheduled life...

I'm dressed vaguely skater-ish today, with my Shorty's Skateboard Products shirt, and my baggy jeans, and my fat skater shoes, and Veng's G-Star hat (big beany with a fat leather patch on it). It will undoubtedly add yet more layers of weirdness to my coworkers' impression of me (the office lady has already said that she barely recognizes me without a hat on...success!)

Monday, October 02, 2006


I am tired. This generally does bad things to my mood. I have been tired since precisely 4:37, when I left for class. I almost fell asleep on the way there. Not good, since class was three hours with an hour drive home, but I made it through. Other than sleepiness, life is pretty good. I got to start listening to music while at work today, which helps make it seem a little faster, even though I'm going precisely the same speed. And prior to work, I went to Harbor Freight Tools, and bought tools! Harbor Freight is a pretty good store for afordable tools, though I can't vouch much for the quality of most of them. But I know their riveters and hand punches work, and the rotary set I got from there seems to work. So, I now own three new tools, and it makes me a happy girl. Now I just have to manage to finish Fred tomorrow before class somehow or other. I would stay up tonight and work on him, but I am incredibly sleepy (for absolutely no good reason, too).

I need to throw together lunches for tomorrow. G'night.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


We've been eating a lot of egg dishes lately. I really need to update my recipe blog again, because there's so many good recipes I've been making, I need to keep track of them. We had a breakfast dish where I folded tortillas into little basket things in a muffin tin, then put an egg in each one, and then topped it with some homemade tomato stuff and some cheese and baked it (those things are delicious). We've had souffle. I made a quiche today. And I'm planning on making German pancakes very soon. Lots of eggs (eggs are healthy, right?). Whether healthy or not, eggs make delicious foodstuffs.

The sushi party / Conference watching / hanging out yesterday was a success, in my opinion. It was great hanging out with people again a bit, and everybody seemed to like the food, and I enjoyed myself (and Veng enjoyed himself) and hopefully everybody else enjoyed themselves as well. Many thanks to everybody who came. It made me happy.

I woke up this morning with gunk in my nose and throat and a sore chest, which is all in all a good sign, I think, that our apartment is dusty and needs to be vacuumed. Someday we will be wealthy and settled and I'll be able to get allergy shots and won't have to clean so often. ;) I cleaned the toilet yesterday too, due to an unfortunate clogging incident and a stuck plunger. But at least the toilet is nice and very, very clean now.

I found a store at which I can buy my tools I need for my homework. Unfortunately, they closed at 6 yesterday. So I think I will stop by early tomorrow morning (early being eight o'clock). Because I'm very, very eager to get the tools, because I love having tools which I can use. I will be buying a hand hole punch kit (for sheet metal up to 1/16" thick), and a hand riveter, and some rivets. I may also buy some tin snips, and I'd really like a rotary set so I can finish texturizing Fred. And we will hopefully soon be getting a low-power drill (I don't care if it's kind of slow, as long as it works, but knowing me and kind of cheap power tools, I will probably burn out the motor the first time I use it). I am excited for the day when we move into a house, with a garage, which will hopefully be large enough that I can keep a wide variety of tools in there (or maybe I'll just have to have a portion of my studio room that I will someday have be dedicated to holding all my tools). I will someday need a table saw, and a jigsaw, and a couple other various saws, and a good place for clamping stuff onto, and a good drill, and sockets (I think they're called sockets) for my ratchet so it can actually be used, and a mallet, and house-painting supplies, and if we have any trees then a chainsaw would probably be useful (yes, I've used a chainsaw before). I took a little online aptitude test the other day, and it told me I'd probably be a good architect. I think it'd be an interesting career, good blend of science and creativity, making things that are both nice to look at, and structurally sound. Heh. Maybe I'll go back to school again years from now and study to be an architect, after finishing studying to be an artist, and maybe I'll go to chef school sometime also, because, you know, it'd be cool. Then again, maybe I will just start staying home and doing stuff with what I've already learned. At least there's plenty of things I'm still interested in studying for the rest of my life.

I think it's time to go eat some quiche and then get rid of Fred's current sharp edges so I'll be ready to finish him tomorrow and Tuesday, and then I will watch some more conference (which I've thoroughly enjoyed so far), and then make dinner in time for Veng to get home from work. And then maybe I'll vacuum. And then go to sleep, because I'm tired. My sister liked the scarf I made for her, even though it ended up being pretty short, and very late. It was fun to crochet again. Now I need to finish the scarf for my other sister. Along with everything else. And I need to figure out some way to watch Lost Season 3 (we're almost done with Season 2) despite having class during its showtime (re-runs maybe?). Anyways, life is good today, though my allergies are vicious. Thanks again to everybody who came over yesterday and made it such a great day!