Monday, September 18, 2006


It was Mike's birthday yesterday. Happy 22nd birthday, love! If anybody feels like showering him with presents, or parties, or food, I'm sure he'd love it. ;)

Unfortunately, we have been sick all weekend with bad colds. So we didn't really do much to celebrate. I am staying home from work today to try and get some extra sleep so that I can feel decent tomorrow for work and class. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to class tonight or not. Making it all worse is that I'm also moon-sick right now too. So, it's overall pretty miserable.

Drawing class is going alright. I'm supposed to do a self-portrait for my homework. I've decided I don't want to go into drawing and painting for my major (if I make it into the program) because I don't really enjoy drawing very much (though I love painting). I'm getting a lot better at drawing though. I drew my little brother's shoe yesterday so my mom can make an applique of it for his graduation quilt (she makes everybody a quilt for graduating from high school). He did track and cross-country all through high school, and is now in a jogging class, and the Running Club at the Y, so thus the shoe on the quilt. My drawing of it turned out quite spiffy, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of spiffy, we're working with sheet metal in sculpture now, and I am absolutely loving it. The first part of our project was to do sixteen 4"x4" squares, each with a different sort of 'texture' (I use the phrase texture loosely here, since some of the examples he showed us and some of the squares I made were not so much differently textured as they were folded up a certain way, which I guess in a broad perspective can be a all depends on your definition, I suppose). I had lots of fun making mine. I will have to take a photo of them and put it up on here so everybody can admire my creative textures. I got to fold metal with pliers, fold metal with a huge metal-folding machine, hammer metal on an anvil, hammer metal on carpet over wire, sew wire through metal (quite hard), weave a metal basket, cut metal with metal scissors, cut metal with a giant clipper, cut metal with a huge metal guillotine-ish thing, punch holes in metal with a metal hole-puncher, rivet metal with a metal riveter, spot-weld metal together, make divets in the metal with the hole-puncher, sand the metal with an electric sander, sand the metal with normal sandpaper, scratch the metal with a nail, and probably some other things too. All of this is stuff that I love doing, I am finding out. The hole-puncher and riveter were especially fun. I was surprised by how different metal rivets are from rivets for fabric. Sanding the metal gives it a really cool shiny-yet-matte finish that looks awesome in the light. The next part of the project is to make three maquettes (small mock-ups) out of paper of what we want to do our final sheet-metal project of. And then we get to do the sheet-metal version of one of them, except make it approximately four times larger than our maquettes. I'm excited. I think I'm going to do a head. But I'm starting to think now that maybe it would be fun to make a Totoro, but it'd probably be easier to make a head.

I'm just in love with all things Totoro right now. They're so freaking adorable. Super-cute bento boxes. Awwwwww-inspiring phone straps. Hoodies that make me want to burst into giggles. Aprons that I'm sorely tempted to make myself. So much merchandise that I want! I'm being good and not spending my money on them right now though. But I want them soooooo much, it's ridiculous. So cute. So very, very cute. I think next time someone asks me what my favorite movie is, I will say "My Neighbor Totoro" (though it probably won't be my favorite movie for forever, it's definitely my favorite movie of the moment). So cute. Maybe I will watch it again today after sleeping some more and working on my homework. I'm so happy we own it. Our US-released Miyazaki/Ghibli collection is almost complete now. We are still lacking Pom Poko, The Cat Returns, and Porco Rosso (but we've seen Porco Rosso, so we'll probably end up getting it last out of all of them). And they still haven't released a couple that I really really want. Such good movies. I'm very excited to show them to our future children. It will be interesting to see which ones they like the best, as compared to which ones I like the best.

Anyways, I should eat some food and take some medicine and work on homework and then take a nap and then finish homework and then do laundry and then eat again then sleep again and whatever else I have time for. So, adios.

P.S. I started playing Mario 64 on Saturday and it is way more fun than I ever thought it would be. Good game. I recommend it. And I finally got to the point of seeing the credits in Band Brothers, and am now to the Hard level of using the shoulder buttons all the time, which is causing me to progress very, very slowly.

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