Friday, September 08, 2006

Rain, rain, come and stay

It's raining, and my apartment smells vaguely of waffles (for apparently no reason at all). Nice way to wake up. I'll start getting ready for work soon. It's going well, though training is not the most interesting of things to sit through. The other 7 people that got hired with me are an interesting mix of personalities. I think they're all several years younger than me. A couple, at least, are straight out of high school. It makes me feel slightly overqualified, and old. But, it's going well, and I think I'll enjoy it once we actually start being able to work.

It being Friday, I have no class tonight, which is really nice. The fates have been conspiring against me this week to make me late to class. Monday, of course, there was no class. On Tuesday, there were a couple accidents. On Wednesday, a large cement mixer fell off the cement truck that was carrying it, and spilled cement all over the freeway. Yesterday, there was a bus that ran into a motorcycle, in addition to which I almost ran out of gas. (The car is getting great gas mileage so far...approximately 33 miles to the gallon.) I have also had the misfortune of managing to injure myself repeatedly working on our most recent sculpture project (the garbage relief, which was then reproduced in white paper). I burned approximately five of my fingers either on my hot glue gun, or on hot glue. I snipped one of my fingers with my scissors. I managed, using those same scissors, to pinch another one, resulting in a small blood blister. Our next project is sheet metal, and I won't be taking any chances. I will be using some nice leather work gloves. Then my hands should be happy.

I need to work on going to bed earlier, so that I can wake up early and prepare lunches and dinners so that we have more available to eat than rice and frozen burritos. Maybe I'll make a couple things this weekend and refrigerate them.

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