Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's too early...

Well, I was entirely planning on going back to bed for an hour after sending Veng off to work this morning (got up to make him a lunch at the crazy hour of 5:30, I will never know how he manages to get up that early twice a week, despite doing it myself for the purpose of lunches and goodbyes, but I almost always go back to bed afterwards). But I turned on my computer and then, you know how it goes, got all caught up in reading peoples' blogs, and my webcomics, and explored a couple new peoples' blogs, and so on and so forth and now I have no time for additional sleep if I wish to not be late to work later (and of course, I wish to not be late to work later, because if I am late to work I must stay late at work to make up for it, and I'd rather come home on time and eat food and take a nap before class). In all likelihood, I will be very close to falling asleep while driving home from class tonight and it will require several ginger candies, some loud music, and some cold, cold air to keep me awake. (I'm getting annoyed by my own paranthetical tangents at this point, but felt like continuing with them for at least one more.)

My hands smell like oranges, indubitably due to the fact that I peeled one earlier. I noticed last week, after peeling and slicing some carrots for dinner one day, that they left an orange residue all over my hands that was worse than cheetos (the orange on my hands from cheetos is always limited to two or three fingers because I'm very careful about eating them, and it always gets licked off afterwards). Luckily, I had some wipes in the car (I didn't notice my hands were orange-colored until well on my way towards class) and so was able to clean up and avoid unusual looks during sculpture.

The head I'm sculpting in that class is turning out really well. I have a couple ideas I'm going to try to implement tonight along with attaching the last major peice of sheet metal. Originally, my idea was to make a head out of the sheet metal that I could later put on a pole/stand/thing and turn into a hat/coat rack by adding some arms (and how cool would it be to have a hat/coat rack that had a head on it onto which you could place your hat?). But the head that I am making will be much too large for any of my hats to fit on it (we had to make our projects as big as possible with the sheet metal provided). So I think I am going to add a couple of posts (of rolled sheet metal) sticking out of the bridge of the head (I don't know what it's actually called, but the area that goes over the top of your head from one ear to the other). The idea is that they will look slightly like very stylized hair (the whole thing is already very stylized). And then they will have small rounded discs on top of them. And onto each of those, I will be able to place a hat. And then I can make a stand for the whole thing (sometime in the future) with many arms (with hands in different poses) and it will be the bestest hat/coat rack ever (and a pretty cool sculpture to boot). I still want to make a Spock coat-rack someday, but I will have to improve my layout and design skills first. With the current project, I roughly sketched out approximately how I wanted to cut the metal with a sharpie, and then started cutting, adjusting as I went, and it's turned out pretty well, but to make it look like a specific person I would have to do a lot more geometrical planning before-hand. That reminds me, I need to remember to put ears on the current project head before I finish the bridge and close it up.

Drawing class was not too bad last night. We're working on perspective, which I already know pretty well and so it's pretty easy. Unfortunately, my constant plague of my vertical lines slowly starting to slant more and more caught me again yesterday, and I had to erase about half of my drawing and am still trying to fix it so that my verticals will all be vertical instead of slight diagonals.

It's almost time for me to register for classes for next semester. I wish I knew what we'll be doing next semester already. I'd like to finish out this year of pre-art classes and do the whole portfolio-submission thing to see if I could get into the program, but we have no idea where we'll be next year or what we'll be doing, which is fine, it just makes my continued schooling more complicated. The need to drop out for awhile is always just over the edge, always a possibility, which is also fine, I already have a degree and am pursuing this one because I want to, and because I enjoy it, but I don't need it. Sometimes though I just want to fast-forward a couple of years and see where we'll be and what we'll be up to and what our lives will consist of.

Sometime next week, our car will pass the 2,000 mile mark. It amazes me that I've managed to put so many miles on it in such a short time (though it's not really surprising, since I am driving to Salt Lake and back approximately five times a week). It seems rather momentous.

Winter is well on its way, and its becoming increasingly obvious as my skin becomes more and more dried-out. I need to invest in some moisturizing body-wash again so that I don't end up itchy and cracky and flakey all winter. You'd think I could just get into the habit of using lotion regularly, but it's really so much easier to just take care of all my daily moisturizing in the shower.

We've started getting up early in the mornings (on the days when Veng doesn't leave insanely early for work) for the purpose of exercising together by taking a nice walk around Wymount/the temple/wherever else we feel like going. It feels good to get a little bit of exercise again, and it's lovely having some time where neither of us has anything else to do other than talk to each other. I think it'll be a good habit, if we can keep it up. We will probably have to find some other morning exercise thing to do once it starts snowing, though.

I have also started preparing bento lunches on occasion (don't know if I've mentioned that yet). The ones I've made so far have turned out really well. I took pictures to post up later. It's not to an every-day thing yet, there are still plenty of days where I just stuff some left-overs in a tupperware, or let Veng fend for himself for lunch, but it's another habit I'm trying to get into, and I think it will help us eat healthier, which will lead to feeling better.

I have been feeling mostly better the past couple days. I think the cold is completely gone now, and I'm just back to normal allergies. It hasn't been too bad at home, but there's always a good amount of particulates in the air in the art building at the U due to a variety of things, which are a 'trigger' for my allergies (though there's nothing in the air there that I'm actually allergic to generally, unless there's a lot more dust mites there than I suspect there are). Work, though, has been the worst so far. I don't know if there's a lot of dust there or what, but I'm much more likely to sneeze there than I am at home. I think it's because they're doing some work on fixing up the building.

I've seen almost all of my friends who are also employed there during my working hours now. I see Decemberist almost every day as he leaves to go home at about the same time that I am in the break room for lunch. I've randomly seen YeldarbNaed a couple of times now, and I finally saw milk11 the other day when she was talking with some lady in the hallway which is open to the room that I work in. The room I'm in (which is a different room from the one they're all in) is currently kind of boring. I need to bring in some things to liven up my desk so that it's more interesting.

Time to go get ready!


Th. said...


Well don't just sit there, then!

Katria said...

Winter! NOOO!!!!!! I'm not ready yet!

My skin has been drying out, too, but I think it's mostly because I'm working with flowers for like... 20 hours a week within a three day time span and so I'm washing my hands a lot. Thank goodness for Mary Kay satin hands. I'd have cracked skin if it weren't for that!