Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm sleepy

'twas a dark and stormy weekend...

And, that's where the mystery ends, for I will now enlighten you all as to the events of my weekend! Hoorah!

Friday we went over to a couple's apartment in our ward for dinner and games. We played this great kids game that has penguins and ice floes (flows?) and a polar bear (so...educationally inaccurate, but fun nonetheless). I came in second. We played Sorry, and I lost, soundly (darn you Veng and knocking me back to Start every single stinking time I got out! ;) ). We played what they claimed to be the original version of Scum, and I lost for most of it, but ended up doing alright at the end. And the night ended, and we borrowed two Sean Connery movies. Yay.

Saturday was interesting. I managed, somehow or other, to end up feeling pretty depressed for a good portion of the day. Finally cheered up a little, and went to the Quark planning meeting with Veng, and then to a birthday party which ended up being quite fun (sorry for the exceedingly lame present, Decemberist). We got home from that, and I thought it was a lot earlier than it actually was, and so I kept Veng up for a couple more hours talking to him, until he finally pointed out that it was almost 2 in the morning. So we set the alarm and went to sleep.

Unfortunately, we forgot to actually turn the alarm on, so we slept through Regional Conference on Sunday, which is too bad, since I heard President Monson was pretty entertaining. I made Tex-Mex chicken wraps, which turned out delicious. I will have to post the recipe up on my ... Recipe Blog! Speaking of which, I will be doing a bit more research into copyrights and such on recipes, which may end up changing the format of said blog quite a bit in the near future (hopefully). After eating, we watched the movie First Knight, which, frankly, I thought was an awful rendition of part of the Arthurian Legend (overall, I think it's main problem was just sucky storytelling). Then we went up to my parents' house and ate again (hooray). And then we came home, and we watched My Neighbor Totoro (which finally arrived in the mail). It was the first time I've seen it, and I loved it. I was giggling throughout the entire movie. I want to have soot gremlins in my house, too (I think if you watch this movie before Spirited Away, Spirited Away will end up making a lot more sense). I think it would be fun to make a mobile of them.

So, we finished the movie, and went to sleep, and we both woke up on time this morning, yay! And now it's time to go get ready for work, and then class.

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I love both those movies immensely.