Saturday, September 02, 2006

I feel so grown up.

I (by which I mean we, but I will probably get to drive it the most) am now the proud owner of, no, not a scooter, but a 4-door vehicle. Due to an extremely generous financing offer from some dearly loved people we know, we went from kind of wanting a scooter on Thursday morning to buying a 2007 Toyota Corolla S (the S stands for Sport) today, in a lovely blue color. It's a very nice car, it should get pretty darn good gas mileage, it's comfortable, I can reach the pedals without my knees hitting the steering wheel (that's a first for me), it drives great, it stops smoothly, it's a little loud when accelerating fast, and there's a bit of windnoise from one of the mirrors, the glove compartment is practically perfect, there's a CD player and a radio, and alloy wheels, and ABS, and some random nifty features, and 5 seatbelts with back seats that you can actually climb into comfortably and aren't too bad leg-room wise, even for relatively tall people (big change from the truck). So we can give people rides now without them being horribly uncomfortable and stuff. :) All that's left is to figure out our budget so we can make our (admittedly small) agreed-upon monthly payments. And still have food to eat. You know how it goes. We'll figure it out somehow. Getting to work and class will certainly be much less complicated than I was expecting it to be this week. And next week. And for the next 3-5 years. I'm happy, even if car purchasing is an annoying hassle of a process. And Toyotas seem like pretty reliable cars. So it'll be good.

Pictures soon.

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