Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Tuition for the semester is paid. Hooray. Now I have to manage to stick it out in my sculpture class until we get past this project (which I've decided I'm sick of). That shouldn't be too bad though, we'll be done with it on Thursday and then we're moving on to sculptures with sheet metal, which I'm really excited about. Drawing is going well, we learned about facial relationships and proportions, which has improved everybody's drawings of everybody else. I have a really hard time modelling for 20 minutes at a time while sitting on a stool, though.

The new car is wonderful, and we are both still loving it. I need to burn some CDs to put in it.

We went grocery shopping yesterday, so we finally have food again. Hooray! I need to start a recipe blog, I think, so I can keep track of everything I've made that's any good.

Veng's parents were in town for the weekend. It was lovely seeing them again. I got a couple new shirts and some nice smelling lotion when I went shopping with my mother-in-law (all for cheap, though I didn't pay for them anyways, but cheap is always nice). They'll be nice for the coming cool weather (here's hoping, as I always do, that fall will last for a nice long time).

Sunday was a bit hectic. Church changed from 2pm to 8am, so I was worried about getting there on time. The alarm didn't go off, and we woke up at 7:20. Then, the toilet overflowed, so I not only had to plunge it, but also had to mop up the floor. Blech. Luckily, I have the mad toilet plunging skillz, and so the plunging part went pretty fast. Veng left early so he could go make sure all the chairs were set up. I got there just barely on time, and was able to flip through the hymnbook really quick to see what we were singing based on the program, before getting up to lead the opening song (which, along with the closing song, I had never sung before, which made it a bit hard). Hopefully I'll get a list of the songs for the month soon, so that I can be more prepared next week. After church, we relaxed for awhile (we get out so early! It's hard to think of things to do for the rest of the day), then went and drove around with Veng's parents for awhile and looked at houses in the tree streets, Indian Hills, and up by Timpanogos High, just for fun. I got pretty car-sick (there's some windy roads in there). (I just barely realized that wind (as in twisty) is spelled exactly the same as wind (as in lots of moving air) which surprised me as I haven't ever thought of that before.)

Friday night we went out to eat with Veng's parents at DeMae restaurant (on Center Street in Provo, with the big Tuesday Sushi Specials sign in the window). Veng got some great sushi, and I got a delicious pot of udon that had some chicken and green onions mixed in it, and some tempura onions and shrimp on top of it, and half a hard-boiled egg. And we shared ginger ice-cream (which is delicious plain, but I highly recommend the tempura version of it there, it's really good). On Saturday night, we went to Tucano's Brazilian Grill, and had lots of delicious meats. My favorites were the tri-tip steak, the mango-glazed cod, and of course, the parmesan grilled veggies, and my all-time favorite, the grilled pineapple. Lots of tasty food.

Yesterday, we went to the two stores we know of in Provo that have Asian food imports. I can't remember the name of the new one we went to (new meaning we haven't ever been there before). They had lots and lots of sauces, and pretty cheap sushi rice, and hard ginger candies which I was excited to find, as I don't like soft ginger candies, and I hear ginger candies are great for nausea, so next time I'm going on a twisty road I can pop one of those in my mouth and hopefully avoid all the queasiness. They taste pretty good, too. At the other store, Chao's (on University Avenue, between Center Street and 100 North, on the West side of the road) we got some nice cheap sweet chili sauce (which is absolutely delicious on plain rice), and a red bean bun for Veng to try (he didn't mind the texture like I do), and some of those jelly/jello/gelatinous cups in various flavors like the ones I'd tried in Seattle (many thanks to DBZroxy who introduced me to them). Someday I will find a place that carries mochi ice-cream balls, and my quest to find places locally that sell things that I'd previously only had in Seattle will be complete.

Last night we had the wonderful opportunity to attend Master Fob's Blog Party. We had a lot of fun. There was lots of tasty food, and some hilarious conversations, and I got to see some people that I haven't seen in a while, which was great. It was all-around a fabulous end to a lovely Labor Day.

Work starts tomorrow, so I have lots to do today involving cleaning and cooking and finding out info. about the car and so forth. In light of all the chores to do today, I'm particularly appreciative of the great day off that yesterday was. The next day off we get at this point is Thanksgiving, which seems extremely far away. It will probably all go pretty fast though, now that we're both back in school and working.

And now, it's time to update my iPod and burn some CDs! Yay!

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