Monday, August 21, 2006

You look so good to me right now, you really really look good to me right now

25 Perfectly logical and sensible reasons to hire me:

I own some cool clothes
I have lots of movies and music and games you can borrow from me
I would love to make friends with my coworkers
I have a cute smile
Give me something cool to work on and I'll work on it until my hands are blistered and my blisters have all popped
I've won two art contests
I like Seattle and farmer's markets and indie rock, but am fine with staying in Provo for now and shopping at Macey's and listening to over-popularized alternative rock, though I will still dream of my Someday House with its slightly-modern influences, great paint job, scooter in the driveway, drum set in the garage, large sunlit studio, gaming room, central music system, a decent collection of concert tickets, a moderate climate, and some cute kids and great food and ecclectic social scene.
I know the extreme basics of renaissance swordfighting
I like to wear costumes on Halloween and otherwise
I've been to China
My favorite museum that I've ever been to is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
I paint abstract pictures
I love StarCrunch cookies
Roadtrips are well worth going on, especially if you can secure free lodging at your various and sundry destinations.
I own several hundred books, and have read about 96% of them so far.
My dad once had a job selling doughnuts door to door.
I am not too bad at writing in cursive, though I often leave one bump off my n's
Unusual meals are generally some of the best food I've ever eaten.
I have a spare ironing board cover
I use a rocking chair as my computer chair at home, and sit with my feet resting on it's edge
Strawberry lemonade is one of the best drinks known to man, and ginger ice cream is amazingly delicious
I derive a strange satisfaction from cleaning the bathtub and the sinks
I love to feel the textures of things
I've succeeded in burning out two video cards in my lifetime
I can come up with 25 perfectly logical and sensible reasons to hire me. ;)

P.S. I have an interview tomorrow morning! Hooray!

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