Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It is Wednesday. Wednesday, it is. There have been Wednesdays in the past, and will be Wednesdays in the future, but for today it is Wednesday and we shall focus on that. Some consider Wednesday to be a Hump Day in the sense that the week is half-over, but I find that to only really be applicable if you have something to delineate and differentiate the so-called "work week" from the also so-called "weekend" which something I am currently lacking. There are no Dromedary or Bactrian camels here. There is jazz music, which is unrelated to both camels and Wednesdays, but I am listening to it regardless. There are heaps of dishes and laundry, and heaps of possible jobs that need to be applied to, if many tabs in the same window that are almost all filled with job possibilities can be called a heap and then be pluralized for no apparent reason. Whimsy trees are a wonderful idea, and if they can be pulled off properly, may present beauty of form and imagery in a new and interesting way. The third was created yesterday, for the whimsies of fashion, using only what was on hand, which may have limited its creation somewhat. There shall be no whimsy trees created today for it is Wednesday and there are heaps of words to be used and heaps of water to be let loose from their confining pipes and heaters and waterways of all sorts. Flowing music sounds entirely appropriate for a variety of animes to prove to be its source, but all are disproven and Sarah Brightman is not. Where the song is from still remains somewhat a mystery despite knowing the artist. Gnawing pits grind their way through my stomach and remind me that I not only need sustenance this morning but I also must walk to the store to purchase chicken so dinner can be produced for this evening without the benefits that a camel has for walking long distances in great heat. No whimsy trees, but plenty of whimsical writing for a Wednesday, for Wednesday it is.

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