Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Order of the day (WARNING: Potentially hazardously boring)

Attempt to open eyes, manage to get eyelids cracked apart slightly
Throw on some clothes
Walk down to the truck with Veng and attempt to wake up while he drives to his workplace
Drive the truck back home
Notice when almost all the way home that we are extremely close to being completely out of gas
Pull a U-turn and go back to the gas station I'd just passed
Fill the car up, hear on the Chevron news about a plane crash in Russia, and some rain in the U.S.
Drive home
Sit down in my rocking chair and read emails and blogs and things
Go take a shower
Get dressed up nice
Drink an Instant Breakfast
Do the dishes
Put on my shoes
Make the bed
Blow-dry my hair
Brush my teeth
Take the passenger-side foot-mat back down to the truck
Drive to interview
Put on chapstick
Get nervous while waiting
Participate in interview, saying "um" a lot
Leave interview very nervous but very hopeful
Drive home
Check things online
Change into casual clothes
Study class syllabi (sculpture class is going to be freaking awesome!)
Dig out my drawing stuff to see what I've already got and don't need to buy
Eat lunch part A (curry sauce on toast)
Look through cookbooks and decide on two more recipes to make for the week
Go to Macey's and buy ingredients and staples like Salsa
Go to Michael's and spend forever trying to find the drawing stuff I don't have at home
Re-meet the artist of one of the webcomics I read (A Magical Roommate) while there
Go to the BYU Bookstore to find a 24"x36" drawing board, and remember it's Education Week
Drive home
Carry all groceries and art supplies upstairs to the apartment in one trip
Stuff the bags of groceries in the fridge without unpacking them
Sit down for a few minutes
Dig through trash to find an appliance piece that got accidentally thrown away last week
Collect apartment trash into one large garbage bag
Wash moldy appliance piece
Wash appliance piece again
Disinfect appliance piece with bleach
Wash appliance piece again
Scrub appliance piece with Q-Tip
Rinse appliance piece thoroughly
Wash hands thoroughly
Eat lunch part B (salmon with mango-peach salsa)
Wash dishes
Change both burned-out lightbulbs in the bedroom
Sit down and rest for a few minutes
Wash some more dishes
Start preparing dinner, washing dishes throughout
Drive truck over to Veng's workplace and pick him up
Drive myself and Veng back to the apartment
Finish making dinner
With Veng eat the dinner (Ying-Yang soup...not Asian at all, just two kinds of spicey bean soup in the same bowl, white and black, tastes more Mexican than anything)
Do some more dishes
Bid Veng goodbye as he goes to ARMA
Sit down and rest for awhile at the computer and get bored
Decide to write a blog entry to pass the time until Veng gets home and we can resume watching 24 Season 2 prior to eating some raspberry jello and finishing up the day's dishes


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Rachel said...

Good luck on getting the job you interviewed for. I'm in the same boat!