Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My wonderful husband has, in the past week, bought us ice-cream (with chocolate!), shared his chocolates with me, done lots of dishes, generally cleaned up the apartment, and made me sushi. On top of going to work every day, and trying various ways of commuting home so that I can take the truck to go to class. Thank you, Veng.

Still waiting to hear back about the job. I think I'll call them this afternoon if I haven't heard from them yet.

Class last week was pretty boring, we just reviewed the syllabi in both of them. Class last night was fun, though. We paired up, and did portraits of each other. First we did blind contour drawings (which I pretty much suck at, and based on what I saw of everybody else's work, they pretty much suck at them too, it looked like the beginnings of the abstract art movement). Then we did semi-blind contours (draw a portion without looking at your paper, and once you've finished that shape, you can look to figure out where to place your pencil next for the next shape). I did considerably better at that (though one of the eyes I drew ended up INSANELY huge). Then we did normal portraits where we were able to look at our paper while we drew, and I did much, much better. One straight on, and one profile. I was lucky with both, and ended up with partners who had distinctive features that made them pretty easy to draw. I'm quite pleased with how the pictures turned out, and really want to ink them now, but I have to turn them in on Wednesday and they're just supposed to be pencil, and I have no tracing paper to transfer them with. Maybe I'll take pictures of them and upload them so y'all can look at them. I was really quite surprised at how well they turned out. I really, really hope I can continue to go to these classes. In sculpture tonight, we're arranging trash on illustration board, which we're going to then re-create next week with illustration board and paper I think, after which we'll be doing sheet-metal sculptures, which I'm really excited about. Tuition is due, I think, before the class gets to that point though. So, some assurance of income would be extremely useful by that point.

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