Friday, August 18, 2006

I woke up at 7 this morning. That's the earliest I've had to wake up in a while. Well, I woke up at 7 yesterday too...I am tired today, probably as a result of waking up at 7 two days in a row now. Anyways, I woke up, and ate breakfast and stuff, and got halfway dressed, and called my mom to see what was appropriate to wear to a funeral, and then got the rest of the way dressed. Then I grabbed my purse and my phone, kissed Veng goodbye while he was still pretty much asleep, and walked over to my neighbor's apartment. Got a ride with them up to Salt Lake, and sat through the first funeral I ever remember attending. It's amazing how much you can cry at a funeral for someone you didn't even really know. Sang as part of the choir for the closing song. Went over to the cemetary for the dedication of the grave (same cemetary where my little brother is buried, and my grandpa, but I didn't have time to visit their graves). Got a ride back home, got dropped off in my parking lot, walked up to my door, searched through my entire purse, and realized my keys were not in it. I walked down to the Wymount office, and told the guy at the desk (who looked slighly familiar) that I had misplaced my keys and was locked out. He had me sign a key out, and asked me if I'd lived in Heritage my freshman year. Turns out he was my home teacher that year, he just got married a couple weeks ago and works in the Wymount office now, so that was kind of weird seeing him again. Got back inside my apartment, and found my keys (yay). Now all that's left to be anxious about is whether or not the company I tested at yesterday will call me for an interview (it was nice seeing you there, Xirax, I hope they offer you a job, and me a job too). And I can also still be anxious about buying school supplies. And starting class again on Wednesday. And whether or not I will get a job soon. I'm trying very hard to not be anxious. I always get anxious easier on days that I've cried (for whatever reason). Eating lunch will probably help slightly. Maybe I'll make tuna again (I've been trying to eat more fish lately). Tuna melts sound really tasty. Maybe I'll make tomato soup too, and just have Mike pick up another can on his way home for the recipe I was planning on using it for this week. I bet you all love me because of my complete lack of paragraph breaks today, yes? Of course.

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