Thursday, August 24, 2006

Class went alright last night. I left really early and got there semi-early (I think that's how early I need to leave though in case of traffic). So I couldn't park anywhere for awhile (no parking permint = waiting until about 10 minutes before six to be able to park anywhere and then just minor stress about whether the University cops will come give me a ticket or not in those last ten minutes). Then I went home and chilled with my nephews for awhile. Well, actually, it was more like I made them a fort, picked up nephew 2 after he hurt his head, went upstairs with them so they could drink chocolate milk, sat down on chair still holding nephew 2 until he decided he was calmed down enough, had nephew 1 climb onto the armrest of the chair while he was drinking his milk and loudly tell me about the ghost he drew and hung on a string from the ceiling, making brother-in-law warn him about how much trouble he was going to be in if he woke baby-neice up. Then they decided they wanted to jump on the trampoline. Then it was time for me to go. I drove around for awhile, tried to find a Little Caesar's by my parents' house, failed, drove over by my brother's new condo, tried to find a Little Caesar's over there, failed, finally settled for a Litza's Pizza, ordered two large pepperoni's, waited 15 minutes for them to finish, called brother for exact address, went over there (making about 5 U-turns on the way), ate some pizza, and helped them move the last of their stuff in.

After all that, Veng and I went over to my parents' again so I can borrow their old super-crappy car for a couple days until his work schedule changes and our commuting plan will start working. Then we drove home, and I was very nervous because crappy car doesn't like driving straight and there is no pretence of any chance of driving smoothly ever and I haven't driven at night in a while. Then we went to sleep.

While asleep, I had a really weird dream. In the dream, two friends of mine here in Provo had fallen down in the street a distance away from each other (the dream had a reason why but I don't remember what it was). I went and helped friend #2 stand up, just in time for us to both watch in horror as a speeding car ran over friend #1 who was still in the street. We went...somewhere that had a doctor (but not an emergency room), and the doctor didn't know where to start. Somehow, I knew exactly, and then the doctor started acting like a good doctor and he knew too, and had a nurse clean out and sew up the blood vessels in the neck cut while he worked on reattaching the separated arm before any flesh had the chance to die. The rest of the injuries were relatively minor, but there was still a high chance of friend #1 dying in the dream. The doctor was kind of like Jack from Lost, but with better medical supplies, so friend #1 lived, which was great, and would still be able to work at their job, which was also great. And then I woke up. Like I said, it was a weird dream.

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