Thursday, August 31, 2006


[Current Mood | excited]

They're hiring me! Now I, too, will be working for BurellesLuce. I start on Wednesday. This means I can keep attending my classes because I will be able to afford tuition (which is due on Tuesday), and Veng and I can research affordable transportation options (such as a scooter), and I can finally go get the rest of my class supplies and all sorts of lovely stuff. Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay!

Many thanks to my friends who agreed to be references for me. :)

"And I love you"

[Current Mood | sleepy]
[Current Music |Weezer - My Best Friend]

Veng's parents are arriving in town tonight. This means I need to clean the apartment. I also need to work on my sculpture for class tonight. And pay our health insurance. And put away the clean laundry. And some other stuff too, undoubtedly. What I really want to do right now, though, is sleep. And then I want to wake up and eat banana bread with butter on it and chocolate nutritious instant breakfast, and take a walk down to visit my little brother who is now living in Helaman Halls, then magically have the truck so I can take him shopping and out to lunch, then drive home and sit in a lounge chair by the pool crocheting and/or reading until I feel like swimming...

I should stop the daydream before it gets any more unrealistic. If I let it continue, I'll soon have millions of dollars and a house by the beach and people will be buying my artwork from galleries and my stories from bookstores and I'll be a voice-actor on the side and my house will be full of perfect children who are wonderful and let me have time to do all the things I want to do. Never going to happen. Well, not all at once, at least.

I made homemade spaghetti sauce yesterday for the first time ever. Fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper, a bit of olive oil, garlic powder, onion flakes, parsley, basil, oregano, and thyme. And some sugar, of course. It turned out pretty tasty. I needed more tomatoes and more time to cook it so it could get really smooth and thick, but having neither, it still turned out alright.

Yesterday I ran into traffic from: a surveyor guy, rain, somebody who decided to drive 60mph in the left lane, road blocks around the hotel where President Bush was going to be staying, protests, and last but not least, traffic from the Real Salt Lake soccer game. After all that, I was still only 15 minutes late to class, which I thought was pretty good. And then I discovered I'd left all my pencils and erasers at home.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Called the job location, they said I'll find out on Thursday or Friday at the latest, as they still have to check my references. (Please speak well of me, oh mighty references!)

I now own a hot glue gun ( last one got lost or claimed by my sister or something), and a jar of rubber cement. And my quest for 2-ply 20x24 inch illustration board continues.

I want a scooter. With a sidecar. I saw a guy riding a pink scooter/side-car around the other day, and it was cool, and I think it would be a perfectly reasonable commuting method. If I ever get one, I will have to figure out what to do about, you know, Utah winters and weather and such.
My wonderful husband has, in the past week, bought us ice-cream (with chocolate!), shared his chocolates with me, done lots of dishes, generally cleaned up the apartment, and made me sushi. On top of going to work every day, and trying various ways of commuting home so that I can take the truck to go to class. Thank you, Veng.

Still waiting to hear back about the job. I think I'll call them this afternoon if I haven't heard from them yet.

Class last week was pretty boring, we just reviewed the syllabi in both of them. Class last night was fun, though. We paired up, and did portraits of each other. First we did blind contour drawings (which I pretty much suck at, and based on what I saw of everybody else's work, they pretty much suck at them too, it looked like the beginnings of the abstract art movement). Then we did semi-blind contours (draw a portion without looking at your paper, and once you've finished that shape, you can look to figure out where to place your pencil next for the next shape). I did considerably better at that (though one of the eyes I drew ended up INSANELY huge). Then we did normal portraits where we were able to look at our paper while we drew, and I did much, much better. One straight on, and one profile. I was lucky with both, and ended up with partners who had distinctive features that made them pretty easy to draw. I'm quite pleased with how the pictures turned out, and really want to ink them now, but I have to turn them in on Wednesday and they're just supposed to be pencil, and I have no tracing paper to transfer them with. Maybe I'll take pictures of them and upload them so y'all can look at them. I was really quite surprised at how well they turned out. I really, really hope I can continue to go to these classes. In sculpture tonight, we're arranging trash on illustration board, which we're going to then re-create next week with illustration board and paper I think, after which we'll be doing sheet-metal sculptures, which I'm really excited about. Tuition is due, I think, before the class gets to that point though. So, some assurance of income would be extremely useful by that point.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I admit it

I LOVE cello music. Growing up, I always thought of cellos as playing classical music, and wasn't that interested. But nowadays, I keep hearing songs with these beautiful rich tones, harmonies, moving rhythms that create this incredible tension. And it's the cellos. And I love them. Escaflowne has some great cello music. Noir has a couple songs with really good cello. The fact that they use cellos is one of the reasons why I would dearly love to hear more Apocalyptica music. Now, if I were to learn how to play a stringed instrument, I'd probably start first with the Peruvian harp, because I have access to one. After that, I'd love to learn how to play the bass. But if you ask me which stringed instrument I'd want to listen to if I were stuck on a desert island and it was my only possible source of music for the rest of my life, I'd definitely pick the cello. Violins and violas and all those other stringed instruments make beautiful music, this is true. But its the cello music that I love. Yo-Yo Ma, may your music live forever.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Class went alright last night. I left really early and got there semi-early (I think that's how early I need to leave though in case of traffic). So I couldn't park anywhere for awhile (no parking permint = waiting until about 10 minutes before six to be able to park anywhere and then just minor stress about whether the University cops will come give me a ticket or not in those last ten minutes). Then I went home and chilled with my nephews for awhile. Well, actually, it was more like I made them a fort, picked up nephew 2 after he hurt his head, went upstairs with them so they could drink chocolate milk, sat down on chair still holding nephew 2 until he decided he was calmed down enough, had nephew 1 climb onto the armrest of the chair while he was drinking his milk and loudly tell me about the ghost he drew and hung on a string from the ceiling, making brother-in-law warn him about how much trouble he was going to be in if he woke baby-neice up. Then they decided they wanted to jump on the trampoline. Then it was time for me to go. I drove around for awhile, tried to find a Little Caesar's by my parents' house, failed, drove over by my brother's new condo, tried to find a Little Caesar's over there, failed, finally settled for a Litza's Pizza, ordered two large pepperoni's, waited 15 minutes for them to finish, called brother for exact address, went over there (making about 5 U-turns on the way), ate some pizza, and helped them move the last of their stuff in.

After all that, Veng and I went over to my parents' again so I can borrow their old super-crappy car for a couple days until his work schedule changes and our commuting plan will start working. Then we drove home, and I was very nervous because crappy car doesn't like driving straight and there is no pretence of any chance of driving smoothly ever and I haven't driven at night in a while. Then we went to sleep.

While asleep, I had a really weird dream. In the dream, two friends of mine here in Provo had fallen down in the street a distance away from each other (the dream had a reason why but I don't remember what it was). I went and helped friend #2 stand up, just in time for us to both watch in horror as a speeding car ran over friend #1 who was still in the street. We went...somewhere that had a doctor (but not an emergency room), and the doctor didn't know where to start. Somehow, I knew exactly, and then the doctor started acting like a good doctor and he knew too, and had a nurse clean out and sew up the blood vessels in the neck cut while he worked on reattaching the separated arm before any flesh had the chance to die. The rest of the injuries were relatively minor, but there was still a high chance of friend #1 dying in the dream. The doctor was kind of like Jack from Lost, but with better medical supplies, so friend #1 lived, which was great, and would still be able to work at their job, which was also great. And then I woke up. Like I said, it was a weird dream.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Order of the day (WARNING: Potentially hazardously boring)

Attempt to open eyes, manage to get eyelids cracked apart slightly
Throw on some clothes
Walk down to the truck with Veng and attempt to wake up while he drives to his workplace
Drive the truck back home
Notice when almost all the way home that we are extremely close to being completely out of gas
Pull a U-turn and go back to the gas station I'd just passed
Fill the car up, hear on the Chevron news about a plane crash in Russia, and some rain in the U.S.
Drive home
Sit down in my rocking chair and read emails and blogs and things
Go take a shower
Get dressed up nice
Drink an Instant Breakfast
Do the dishes
Put on my shoes
Make the bed
Blow-dry my hair
Brush my teeth
Take the passenger-side foot-mat back down to the truck
Drive to interview
Put on chapstick
Get nervous while waiting
Participate in interview, saying "um" a lot
Leave interview very nervous but very hopeful
Drive home
Check things online
Change into casual clothes
Study class syllabi (sculpture class is going to be freaking awesome!)
Dig out my drawing stuff to see what I've already got and don't need to buy
Eat lunch part A (curry sauce on toast)
Look through cookbooks and decide on two more recipes to make for the week
Go to Macey's and buy ingredients and staples like Salsa
Go to Michael's and spend forever trying to find the drawing stuff I don't have at home
Re-meet the artist of one of the webcomics I read (A Magical Roommate) while there
Go to the BYU Bookstore to find a 24"x36" drawing board, and remember it's Education Week
Drive home
Carry all groceries and art supplies upstairs to the apartment in one trip
Stuff the bags of groceries in the fridge without unpacking them
Sit down for a few minutes
Dig through trash to find an appliance piece that got accidentally thrown away last week
Collect apartment trash into one large garbage bag
Wash moldy appliance piece
Wash appliance piece again
Disinfect appliance piece with bleach
Wash appliance piece again
Scrub appliance piece with Q-Tip
Rinse appliance piece thoroughly
Wash hands thoroughly
Eat lunch part B (salmon with mango-peach salsa)
Wash dishes
Change both burned-out lightbulbs in the bedroom
Sit down and rest for a few minutes
Wash some more dishes
Start preparing dinner, washing dishes throughout
Drive truck over to Veng's workplace and pick him up
Drive myself and Veng back to the apartment
Finish making dinner
With Veng eat the dinner (Ying-Yang soup...not Asian at all, just two kinds of spicey bean soup in the same bowl, white and black, tastes more Mexican than anything)
Do some more dishes
Bid Veng goodbye as he goes to ARMA
Sit down and rest for awhile at the computer and get bored
Decide to write a blog entry to pass the time until Veng gets home and we can resume watching 24 Season 2 prior to eating some raspberry jello and finishing up the day's dishes


Monday, August 21, 2006

You look so good to me right now, you really really look good to me right now

25 Perfectly logical and sensible reasons to hire me:

I own some cool clothes
I have lots of movies and music and games you can borrow from me
I would love to make friends with my coworkers
I have a cute smile
Give me something cool to work on and I'll work on it until my hands are blistered and my blisters have all popped
I've won two art contests
I like Seattle and farmer's markets and indie rock, but am fine with staying in Provo for now and shopping at Macey's and listening to over-popularized alternative rock, though I will still dream of my Someday House with its slightly-modern influences, great paint job, scooter in the driveway, drum set in the garage, large sunlit studio, gaming room, central music system, a decent collection of concert tickets, a moderate climate, and some cute kids and great food and ecclectic social scene.
I know the extreme basics of renaissance swordfighting
I like to wear costumes on Halloween and otherwise
I've been to China
My favorite museum that I've ever been to is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
I paint abstract pictures
I love StarCrunch cookies
Roadtrips are well worth going on, especially if you can secure free lodging at your various and sundry destinations.
I own several hundred books, and have read about 96% of them so far.
My dad once had a job selling doughnuts door to door.
I am not too bad at writing in cursive, though I often leave one bump off my n's
Unusual meals are generally some of the best food I've ever eaten.
I have a spare ironing board cover
I use a rocking chair as my computer chair at home, and sit with my feet resting on it's edge
Strawberry lemonade is one of the best drinks known to man, and ginger ice cream is amazingly delicious
I derive a strange satisfaction from cleaning the bathtub and the sinks
I love to feel the textures of things
I've succeeded in burning out two video cards in my lifetime
I can come up with 25 perfectly logical and sensible reasons to hire me. ;)

P.S. I have an interview tomorrow morning! Hooray!

Dressing up

I dressed up a bit today, nice slacks and a collared shirt combo that looks pretty snazzy, based entirely on the irrational thought that if I am dressed up today, there will be a higher likelihood of somebody contacting me and asking me to come in for an interview. Interviews, I will admit, scare me quite a bit, and I usually make a couple of mistakes during them, but I think I manage to present myself pretty well overall when given the opportunity to do so in person. I feel more confident when dressed up in clothes that I feel are both flattering and make me look like a capable individual. I do better at things when I'm dressed for the part. I guess that's the theory behind school uniforms. You'd think with this knowledge about myself, that I would dress up more often, and yet, I still dearly love my comfortable clothes. A warm, huge sweater or pullover, and a pair of pajama bottoms, are some of the most comforting clothes I've ever worn. Comfortable, comforting, they're the clothes I wear when I'm sick. I have other clothes that make me feel capable and confident in other ways. My Death Cab for Cutie shirt and black strappy pants help me feel a little more socially confident. My rash guard shirt and board shorts make me feel more daring when it comes to water sports. My simple black high heels make me feel that I might be able to dance after all.

I wore my gray skirt with the buckles and straps and rivets on it yesterday, and while I'm sure some people at church didn't approve of it, I felt more confident when I was leading the music (though it also helped that I actually knew the songs this week pretty well), and I didn't worry so much about whether or not anybody would talk to me during Relief Society.

It's interesting, what a role outfits play in how I feel about myself, what I believe I'm capable of, where I feel I fit in. That may sound pretty shallow, but realistically, I know plenty of other people who feel the same way. My little sister has to wear just the right outfit to make the right impression on her friends and on guys. My little brother has his weird patriotic headband that he wears like a ninja, and whenever he wears it, he acts just a little more wacky.

The theory of how interior decorating can drastically affect a person's moods I think is the same sort of thing. The colors and designs that we surround ourselves with, in our clothes, in our homes, are our outward representation of ourselves to the world. Bright green is daring, light blue is calming, red can be sultry, grisly, modern, jarring. Hair styles, architectural styles, paint colors, fabric colors, they all have the same sorts of effect on me. They're a reflection of personalities, desires, fears, comforts.

Veng and I had a nice talk last night that has nothing to do with any of this. We were able to get some things figured out, some plans made, some fears calmed, some realizations that we are completely capable of doing the things we really want to during the next four months, but it seems like everything we figured out is contingent on my finding a job in the next few days. Though I'm carrying my phone with me everywhere today, eagerly hoping for a call, I'm not so worried as I was last week about it all. It'll all work out somehow. If I get a job, I can go to class, maybe we can get a scooter to make our commuting problems easier, everything will work out so nicely. If I don't get a job, well, school will just be on hold for a little longer, commuting problems will be non-existant, and somewhere, someone will decide, eventually, that I'm the best candidate they've got in their applicant database and things will get rolling. Life won't be catastrophically horrible. It'll all work out, one way or another. Though it would still be incredibly nice and convenient and perfect if I found a job this week. I am confident that everything will be fine, and maybe it's related to having dressed up today.

That reminds me, Veng, when you read this, remind me to talk to you about Wednesday and Brice and my class and your work. Bit of an unforseen complication there. One of us will need to find a ride to Salt Lake, I think.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I woke up at 7 this morning. That's the earliest I've had to wake up in a while. Well, I woke up at 7 yesterday too...I am tired today, probably as a result of waking up at 7 two days in a row now. Anyways, I woke up, and ate breakfast and stuff, and got halfway dressed, and called my mom to see what was appropriate to wear to a funeral, and then got the rest of the way dressed. Then I grabbed my purse and my phone, kissed Veng goodbye while he was still pretty much asleep, and walked over to my neighbor's apartment. Got a ride with them up to Salt Lake, and sat through the first funeral I ever remember attending. It's amazing how much you can cry at a funeral for someone you didn't even really know. Sang as part of the choir for the closing song. Went over to the cemetary for the dedication of the grave (same cemetary where my little brother is buried, and my grandpa, but I didn't have time to visit their graves). Got a ride back home, got dropped off in my parking lot, walked up to my door, searched through my entire purse, and realized my keys were not in it. I walked down to the Wymount office, and told the guy at the desk (who looked slighly familiar) that I had misplaced my keys and was locked out. He had me sign a key out, and asked me if I'd lived in Heritage my freshman year. Turns out he was my home teacher that year, he just got married a couple weeks ago and works in the Wymount office now, so that was kind of weird seeing him again. Got back inside my apartment, and found my keys (yay). Now all that's left to be anxious about is whether or not the company I tested at yesterday will call me for an interview (it was nice seeing you there, Xirax, I hope they offer you a job, and me a job too). And I can also still be anxious about buying school supplies. And starting class again on Wednesday. And whether or not I will get a job soon. I'm trying very hard to not be anxious. I always get anxious easier on days that I've cried (for whatever reason). Eating lunch will probably help slightly. Maybe I'll make tuna again (I've been trying to eat more fish lately). Tuna melts sound really tasty. Maybe I'll make tomato soup too, and just have Mike pick up another can on his way home for the recipe I was planning on using it for this week. I bet you all love me because of my complete lack of paragraph breaks today, yes? Of course.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So, I decided to check what will hopefully be my fall class schedule at the U, to write down when and where the classes were, and to check the professors so I could look up the syllabi before-hand. And so I signed in, and lo and behold, I discovered that classes at the U start next Wednesday. August 23rd. And here I'd been thinking they didn't start until after Labor Day. Silly me. So, hopefully I will get a job in the next week (I have a skills test tomorrow, hopefully it will turn into a job). And hopefully that job will be able to pay for our current living expenses every month. And hopefully I will be able to work out the car situation with Mike every day so that we can both get to where we need to be, when we need to be there. And I really, really hope it all works out okay. If it does all work out how I hope it does, I will have to change my sleep schedule slightly, but only by, like, an hour on each end. And I won't have any classes on Fridays or Saturdays, so I'll still be able to hang out with people, and go on dates with Veng, and things, if everything works out. *hope*hope*hope*hope*

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Poor grammer alert!

Applied for several jobs, inquired about several others, we'll see if anybody gets back to me about any of them.

Babysat my moving-out neighbor's kids for 3 hours yesterday. Fun but tiring. Helping another moving-out neighbor clean their apartment in an hour or so today.

Been watching lots of Season 1 of Lost. Very addicting show, that. Looking forward to watching Season 2 on DVD sometime. Would drive me nuts to watch the show as it aired, with all the cliff-hanger endings and commercial breaks and such.

Pineapple upside-down cake is delicious.

Xanga is being blocked by BYU again, so it'll be a bit before I can post there again.

If you hear about any entry-level job openings in the Provo/Orem/Salt Lake areas, please let me know, as the more jobs I apply to, the more likely I am to be able to get one somewhere soon. Soon is necessary, classes are going to start soon and I'm not going to be able to go unless I get a job. So, any kind and generous suggestions from y'all would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It is Wednesday. Wednesday, it is. There have been Wednesdays in the past, and will be Wednesdays in the future, but for today it is Wednesday and we shall focus on that. Some consider Wednesday to be a Hump Day in the sense that the week is half-over, but I find that to only really be applicable if you have something to delineate and differentiate the so-called "work week" from the also so-called "weekend" which something I am currently lacking. There are no Dromedary or Bactrian camels here. There is jazz music, which is unrelated to both camels and Wednesdays, but I am listening to it regardless. There are heaps of dishes and laundry, and heaps of possible jobs that need to be applied to, if many tabs in the same window that are almost all filled with job possibilities can be called a heap and then be pluralized for no apparent reason. Whimsy trees are a wonderful idea, and if they can be pulled off properly, may present beauty of form and imagery in a new and interesting way. The third was created yesterday, for the whimsies of fashion, using only what was on hand, which may have limited its creation somewhat. There shall be no whimsy trees created today for it is Wednesday and there are heaps of words to be used and heaps of water to be let loose from their confining pipes and heaters and waterways of all sorts. Flowing music sounds entirely appropriate for a variety of animes to prove to be its source, but all are disproven and Sarah Brightman is not. Where the song is from still remains somewhat a mystery despite knowing the artist. Gnawing pits grind their way through my stomach and remind me that I not only need sustenance this morning but I also must walk to the store to purchase chicken so dinner can be produced for this evening without the benefits that a camel has for walking long distances in great heat. No whimsy trees, but plenty of whimsical writing for a Wednesday, for Wednesday it is.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I did a lot of dishes yesterday, and walked to the store, and cleaned the living room up, and cooked chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce (very tasty and easy and great for dinner in the summer), and hosted my brother and his wife, and watched some SuperGALS! with my sweetheart who brought me home a flower. All that was after reading some Fruits Basket in the morning, which made me feel a sad sort of nostalgic, but the rest of the day kept me too busy to keep the mood up for long. Today, I am listening to Death Cab for Cutie, whose concert I am not unfortunately going to tonight, and the feeling is back.

I keep writing things and deleting them.

In short, I need a job, if for no other reason than it will give a firm structure to my days. Then I will be able to figure out a nice budget, and a good schedule for housework, and figure out if I'll be able to go to classes this fall, and determine when I have time to hang out with friends without worrying about all those other little things that need doing, because everything will have a nice set time for being done.

I want to hang out with people. I want to discuss sewing and costumes and laugh about lace and figure out what to do about those darn pockets on that one pair of shorts. I want to watch chick flicks and sigh and laugh and eat Red Vines and skittles and popcorn. I want to have a weekly anime/movie/TV night and watch all those shows I haven't seen yet that I'd like to. I want to drive around randomly without anywhere in particular to be and listen to the radio nice and loud while talking about nothing in particular. I guess I just want to have people I feel comfortable enough around to hang out with on the nights when Veng is gone or busy, people to spend time with without worrying about what we think about each other, or about offending each other, without awkward silences, being able to laugh without feeling conscientious. I seem to go through phases of having groups of really good friends like that, and then suddenly, for no reason at all really, feeling awkward around everybody and like I'm constantly doing something wrong just by being there and not knowing what to say.

I sometimes think I get bored with a lack of structure too easily. Sometimes things can be too structured, sure. But I'm no good at sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I always want to be reading, or watching something, or going somewhere, doing something, learning something. Even when I was depressed, I wasn't any good at just staying in my bed and sleeping the day away. I would have, I usually felt tired enough, but I just got so darned bored that I generally at least got up and spent time on the computer.

I want to move somewhere that I can paint the walls. That would be a nice, productive, time-consuming, yet creative project.

Oh yeah! I just remembered, bought some wire at the hardware store the other day. I should make something. The thought of that has cheered me up. I need a studio so I can spread out all my project supplies so that they're easily accessible and I can just go work on whatever whenever I feel like it. That would be lovely. Alright, off to bend some wire I go.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

P.S. Veng finally updated his blog with the completion of his last post, and some pictures from our cruise in May.

High time for another post.

Note to myself: August 2nd.

Notes to the general public:

I am getting better at Guitar Hero. I actually beat Mike's scores on a couple of songs on Easy and Medium. My fingers are now sore.

Been melancholy some more, on and off. I want it to rain again, I love it when it rains. Especially when there's lightning.

I rode my bike to the store yesterday and almost died on the way back. It's all uphill, and despite having used my inhaler, I quickly found myself out of breath, and in need of a drink. I felt kind of dizzy once I finally got back, so went inside, and sat down, and drank some Powerade. Then I almost threw up, but didn't. So I didn't move for awhile.

I made curry for the first time this past week. It turned out pretty good, but I need some different recipes to try. I also need to try making chutney sometime.

Speaking of cooking, I made some uber-tasty chicken rice soup for dinner yesterday. It has leeks in it. I've never cooked with leeks before. They don't seem to taste like much, but made the soup very filling. Perhaps I'll use them more often. It was entertaining when shopping though, trying to figure out exactly which vegetables were the leeks, since the signs above the piles didn't line up exactly right with the piles, and the descriptions were vague at best. Finally some lady overheard me and Veng discussing our lack of knowledge as to whether the vegetables I was holding (that I thought were the leeks) were in fact leeks or not. I said something along the lines of "The recipe says to just use the white part. I just don't know what it is!" The lady made a slightly disgusted face, and said "They're leeks" and stalked off. So then we got them, finally being assured that they were, in fact, leeks. Thank you, mystery lady! I apologize to you that my mother never cooked with leeks and therefore I didn't know what they were for sure. I knew which ones were Bak-choy, at least.

We bought an air-conditioner today for $30 from the weekly Wymount yard-sale. Hopefully it works out alright. Need to get some plexi-glass from the hardware store to fill the rest of the window.

Last weekend was great, after my melancholic Friday-day, Veng came home, we had people over, and had a lovely fun party which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then we went to see Mission Impossible 3, which was okay. I was way too sleepy to pay much attention. That's what happens when I try to watch movies after midnight. We did stuff on Saturday, too, but I can't remember what, other than that it was also fun. Oh, yes, we went over and had a dinner/supper/lunch shish-kabob party with some of Veng's ARMA friends. Tasty food, all around. And we watched some of Firefly over there, which we had started watching Friday night with other people. Anyways, it was a good day. Sunday, we went up to Salt Lake for Veng's mission president's homecoming talk at church. They went way over, but the talks were good, and the music was good. We went over to my house afterwards, and ate, then went over to the mission president's house, and ate and talked and I found out about maybe a possible job opening, and then we went back over to my house and ate some more. I did not find my bike lock. I did find, however, that my parents were willing to let me take all the books they had that I wanted. I, of course, wanted most of the fiction that was left in the shelves (mostly children's and young adult fiction). Veng obliged me and let me bring all those lovely beautiful books that I love so very much and have fond memories of reading repeatedly while growing up, yes, he let me bring them all home.

On Monday, I was faced with the task of finding somewhere to put all those books. So I went to Target, and used a gift-card, and discovered that CD shelf units looked just about the right size for paperbacks, so bought one for cheap with some other stuff. Then I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and used a giftcard, and a coupon, and bought some more stuff, like a light-blue ottoman thingy that could hold even more books inside ($16! Great deal!). Then I came home and put all the books away, and now they are put away and look great (and the old bookshelf some of them were on is now being used for renegade Nintendo stuff that was taking up floor space before). So many books to re-read! I'm ecstatic! Classics like Bubble and Squeak, Second-hand Magic, The Chronicles of Narnia, several Madeleine L'Engle books, several horse books (I loved those when I was younger), Maniac MacGee, and many other splendiferous books. Looking over them all reminded me of Amelia Bedilia, and so when I saw it at the yard sale today, Veng was very kind and let me buy it (along with the Mouse and the Motorcycle). He was completely unfamiliar with Amelia Badelia (no idea how to spell it, frankly), and so I read them out-loud to him when we got home today. It was great.

So many books! Veng keeps telling me I'm like a little girl every time I look at them and start giggling because I'm remembering a funny part of one of them. I can't help it, it makes me incredibly happy to have all these precious pieces of my childhood within easy reach, and it makes me even happier knowing that I'll have them to read to my kids so they can also enjoy all those wonderful worlds. One of these days, I'll have to catalogue all the books I own (we own, I guess). In the meantime, I have to figure out a sneaky way of convincing Veng that I still really do need more books, that the library doesn't have all the ones I want, and that it's entirely worth it to own them. I don' know if it'll work or not, he seems to think we have quite enough books already (more than enough if you ask him, but, well...he's nice and lets me keep them, and hopefully will let me get some more eventually as he sees how very, very much I love them). Books, books, books. I am a happy girl when I think of them.

I'm almost done re-reading book 9 of The Wheel of Time series. So, we'll have plenty of time to find the next two to purchase (it's Veng's collection, so I don't think he'll mind completing the series). And then I can read those as well. And all those other lovely wonderful books. And others I haven't read yet from the library. (If you know of a wonderful book that you think I should read, I will happily accept gifts of books for any and all presents you may wish to give me in the future (though music is really good too, and so are movies, but books have a higher re-use value for me than movies usually)).

I knew I wouldn't be able to talk about anything else once I started talking about all those books. So, until next time, I leave you with these thoughts. Books. Yay!