Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wastes of time

The internet in our apartment is broken again. So soon, again, already. Going to call IT today. I'm getting very tired of this.

I still have no job. I need to work on that.

Veng has a cold...I think I may be catching it.

I started re-reading the Wheel of Time books on Friday. I'm almost done with the 4th one now, probably finish it today.

The apartment is still a wreck and needs massive cleaning.

I'm supposed to go visiting teaching today but I have no idea when because my companion never called me back to tell me. I haven't been visiting teaching in a long time...hopefully it goes okay. Always makes me nervous.

Our apartment is killer hot. I don't know how many times I've almost passed out lately because of it. Well, okay, I haven't almost passed out at all, but I have been getting headaches, and have felt dizzy when standing up a lot more often than is normal.

Veng is so busy, and what have I been doing? Reading. And that's about it. This does not make me proud of myself. I am not doing a good job at taking care of things in the apartment until I get a job, I'm not doing a good job of getting a job, I'm not doing a good job at much of anything, and he's working so hard, and he's so busy with school and work and homework, and I'm not doing anything that really is productive at all. I am not very happy with myself.

Hormones are out of whack this week, too, making me overly emotional. Not much I can do about that. I need to go get a new prescription so I can start taking pills every day again so it won't be so bad again. Makes me dislike being a girl. Bleh.

Not really much of a point to this post, I suppose. I want to go back to bed for a couple hours, but I ought to get ready, since I have no idea when visiting teaching will be.

I need a job. Really need something to go do every day that's worthwhile, that's outside the apartment.

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