Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sunday was crazy; thank-you notes can die.

So...have I mentioned yet that I got a church calling to lead the congregation in singing the hymns during Sacrament Meeting every Sunday? And that the Sunday before last they made me say the opening prayer, too? Well...they decided, I suppose, that I did such a good job last week that they desperately wanted me up there some more last Sunday. So, not only did I lead the congregational hymns, not only did I also sing in the choir (which I always enjoy doing, thankfully), but I also gave a talk. About pioneers. I talked about my great-great-grandmother, Catharine Cottam Romney, who was really quite a fascinating woman (I have a book that is a compilation of all the surviving letters that she wrote to people during her life...there's over 170 of them). I also managed to say "um" more times than I think I ever have before throughout my entire life, as I was incredibly, irrationally nervous. I honestly don't like talking in public (apparently neither did my great-great-grandmother, as it seems she turned down a request for her to give a 24th of July talk back in the day). It didn't help, of course, that I didn't have my talk all exactly written out, but rather had only about a quarter page of notes hand-written (written in the 10 minutes before the meeting started, I might add...though I'd been reading the book of letters for several days in preparation for the talk). I say "um" less when I know precisely what's supposed to come out of my mouth. I think the talk still went pretty well, though. I learned, in preparing for it, that Catharine felt she was born inherently lazy, and inclined to not over-work herself, which was probably one of the biggest reasons I felt such a connection to her.

In other news, I've written about 6 thank-you notes so far this week, and have about a hundred left to go before they're finally done. I've been putting them off entirely too long, and I'm determined to finish them this week. Once they have been completed, I will dedicate myself to the job-hunt (which I've also, frankly, been putting off (I don't think I'm supposed to split "have" from "been" in a sentence like that, but eh, who cares?)). I also need to do the dishes again (they never end). I did ALL the dishes (there were a lot of them) and ALL the laundry (which there was even more of) on Saturday. So, our apartment was actually clean on Sunday, which was nice.

I don't remember which of my cooking exploits I've chronicled in here and which I haven't. I made tomato-lentil greek soup yesterday again, to use up the rest of the cooked lentils. Man, that stuff is tasty with some feta sprinkled on it. Even tastier when eaten with cheesy-bread, as we did last night.

The cheesy-bread, or the bread itself, disregarding the cheese, is a story in and of itself. I dropped Veng off at work yesterday so that I could have the truck (so I could go pick up some computer stuff from Xirax which I'm planning on making good use of in the very near future). When I returned to our apartment complex after dropping Veng off, I parked as usual in our spot, and got out of the truck, noticing an old man parked in a handi-cap spot a few spaces over. He rolled down the passenger-side window of his car, and called me over. Then, he handed me a bag of rolls. "Here," he said, and then he handed me another bag of buns. "And these," he said, handing me a bag with some bagels. He was about to hand me a bag with a loaf of wheat bread in it as well, but I protested that there was no way we could eat that much bread, thanked him, and walked up to our apartment with three bags of breaded goods, wondering why an old man was in our parking lot with a passenger-seat full of bagged breads that he apparently didn't want. I perhaps should have wondered if they were safe to eat, but I didn't, and so we ate some of the buns last night, and they were good. All the bread is apparently from Kohler's Bakery in Lehi, none of it has expiration dates on it, but I think we will eat it all before it's a problem anyway. So thank you, Mr. Old Man of unknown origin. We always appreciate free food.

I was contemplating last night how I really, really need to get a job soon, as I was calculating our monthly expenses in my head, and then added in the cost of my tuition at the U, and decided we do not have enough money currently for both, and won't, no matter how many hours a week Veng works (which won't be many come fall) unless I get a job soon. It's been so nice having a summer break. But, finances call to me, nagging about utilities, and insurance, and rent, and food costs, and that darn tuition. I keep thinking that if I just didn't take any classes this fall, that we would be okay even if I didn't get a job for a couple more months. But then my brain refutes that, saying "you NEED to take classes this fall!" and then refuses to explain to the rest of me why I need to do that. Apparently, though, the need is there, and refuses to be dismissed, so, once again, I'm left thinking that as soon as the thank-you notes are done, the job hunt has to seriously begin. Though I'd much rather finish catching up with reading the WoT. I'm on book 7 now. Alas, and alack, I don't think it is to be.

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