Sunday, July 09, 2006

The need to clean, food, and a break-up story

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I'm getting antsy about cleaning things up today, which is, in general, a good sign that things are WAAAAAAAY too messy. So, that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Since we haven't had any really planned out meals lately, I have been experimenting with cooking. Yesterday I spiced up our store-bought pasta sauce by adding in some green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and smoked sausage. Turned out quite well. Even better though was the soup I made a few weeks ago. From scratch. I haven't ever made soup from scratch before (I've only ever heated up the pre-made cans, really), so I was quite proud of myself. I used half-a-can of tomato 'sauce' (it was basically slightly thinner than tomato paste, no flavorings added) and some water for the liquid base. Added that to the keilbasa, onions, garlic, carrots, and possibly some other veggies that I'd already fried up. Spiced it with some fresh thyme, a lot of basil, a tiny pinch of rosemary, and some salt and pepper. It turned out very, very tasty. I've been trying to use up stuff we've already got partially cut up in our fridge, because we keep discovering things that have gone bad before we've gotten to use them. Like an entire package of hamburger meat. That was a very sad thing to have to throw away.

On Thursday, it was our 2-month anniversary. I cleaned up the apartment a bit, got dressed up pretty, and made a pound cake from a mix we had gotten as a wedding present. That was a tasty cake, I tell you what. Mike got home from work, got to see me and the cake both looking nice, and then we went out to eat at Sam Hawk (one of my favorite places to eat in town, family-style Korean food that is absolutely delicioius). It was Mike's first time there, and he liked it a lot too, so I was pleased. We need to get less food next time though, as we ended up with a decent amount of leftovers to take home. Then he went to ARMA, came home, we ate the cake (I love cakes with a slight lemon flavor), and he got to work on homework for the rest of the evening, which was not so exciting for either of us, but necessary. That's probably more celebration than we're likely to get at any of our upcoming monthly anniversaries (which we're celebrating for our first year of marriage, because hey, when else are we going to get to have a little mini-celebration every single month?)

Now for the fun(ny) part.

My younger sister, we'll call her Sweet Pea for right now, is sixteen, and very popular. During the last school year, she met this guy, I'll call him Shortie, who was also very popular, seemed decently nice, had extremely wealthy parents, and a crush on her. They hung out together a lot under the pretense of studying for the chemistry class they were both in, and went on some dates. After a while, Shortie decided to put the moves on Sweet Pea, and started holding her hand, and putting his arm around her when they were sitting next to each other. In both of their minds, they were basically 'going steady' or 'going out' or whatever you wish to call it. My parents were not very happy about this (after several negative experiences with my oldest sister during her teenage years, they are definitely not fans of their children being in semi-serious relationships before college). So they made a rule. Sweet Pea was only allowed to go on one date with Shortie per month. And she couldn't go study with him unless somebody else from the class was also there. Sweet Pea wasn't very happy about this, and Shortie was even less happy. But, they decided to keep at it. Then, summer came. Sweet Pea, like she does every year, became insanely busy with a plethora of trips (my Arizona reception, family vacation to San Francisco, flute camp, and endless more throughout the summer) and no longer had time for the additional hanging out they usually did together. She got home from one of her trips (3 days long), to discover that Shortie had not emailed her. This was odd, because they normally emailed each other long, sappy and silly and very 'sixteen years old on the internet' capitalization and grammar-lacking emails, very frequently. So, she IM'd him. What follows is a rough transcription of how she described their conversation to me.

Sweet Pea: Hey!!!!!!! :) You didn't email me! :(
Shortie: Yeah, sorry.
SP: What's up??
Sh: Actually, I wanted to tell you something.
SP: ok
Sh: I don't like you anymore.
SP: ok
Sh: I don't want to see you anymore. You're never around anyways.
SP: ok, that's cool. I'm cool with that.
SP: we're still friend though, yeah? We can hang out sometimes?
Sh: yeah, whatever. I don't want to email you anymore though.
SP: ok
Sh: well, bye
SP: bye

And thus, their young and fragile romance was ended. I find it hilarious that he broke up with her over Instant Messaging. She told the story in a much more entertaining manner than I did, so I know she's fine with all of it, she'd been thinking of breaking up with him anyways since they never saw each other anymore, and she could tell he really, really didn't like the one-date-a-month rule. But still, I can't help but bristle slightly in her defense. I mean, what kind of jerk just says straight-up over IM "I don't like you anymore" ?! Anyways, it's all indubitably for the best. Funniest break-up story I've heard in awhile though.

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