Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm on the internet, through Veng's cellphone, on his computer. The internet in our apartment has been out for 3 days. IT is suspicious of the jack, so they're going to come check it on Wednesday. The only problem with this is, they've checked the jack about 4 times before and haven't ever found anything wrong with it. The internet hasn't ever been out for this long at once before though, so maybe the jack finally went and completely died. Or maybe the switch downstairs died. I don't have the foggiest, but in a way, I hope it's still broken when they get here on Wednesday so they can finally figure out what on earth is wrong with it. It has been the cause of much frustration (for me at least). I wouldn't say I'm addicted to the internet, really, but it has become part of my daily routine to check my email, check blogs, read webcomics, and chat a bit with friends. Doesn't matter what time of the day I do it. So it's frustrating to not be able to.

I've been having lots of good times lately. Several fun nights hanging out with friends. Seven Peaks was great, I haven't been there in years, I'm still worn out from it. It's a pretty good little waterpark. Red Robin was good as usual, though once again, I forgot to take my cup. Keep paying an extra buck for the darn cup, and I never remember to take it with me. Oh well. Fireworks were great. That's the perfect spot to watch them from. I'm glad we brought chairs though, because I was wiped. The comfy chair let me almost fall asleep, which was nice.

There's rumors of a party tonight. I don't know any specifically specific details about it though, so if anybody happens to know what's going on, if you could give me a call tonight, that'd be terrific. Veng has my cell right now, since I'm using his to get on the wired, so don't call before 4:30 because he's not supposed to get phone calls at work. Unless you have his cell number, in which case, you could use that to call me. Because I'm a genius.

Speaking of being a genius, I discovered this morning while talking to the lovely IT personnel that our computer room window had come off its track on the top and was leaning haphazardly against the blinds. How does talking to IT lead to discovering your window is off its track? You may very well be wondering this. Well, it was open, and they were mowing the lawn outside, and I couldn't hear the IT girl over the phone, so I was trying to close the window, and the darn thing just wouldn't slide closed, so I looked at it, and voila! Broken. Kind of. I tried to shove it back in while holding the phone against my ear with my shoulder, but I was in my pajamas and couldn't fiddle with it much without displaying my belly to the world through the wide-open window. So I went and changed while I was on hold (which is difficult to do, since you don't want to put the phone down in case they take you off hold). Then I tried again while I was on the phone. Still no dice. Once I was off the phone, I tried hammering it a little. No good, I was worried about hammering too hard and breaking the window. So, finally, I took a good look at it, scooted it over just so precisely far, tipped the end up that wasn't having major problems with being off-track, slipped the other end back into the track, and now it is lovely and working and sliding okay once again. Roger that, I am a genius.

Many of the people I've met recently seem to be convinced that I am incredibly ambitious, just because I want to attempt to get a second bachelor's degree. This is not really the case. In truth, I am going back to school (if the whole job/commuting situation works out) so that I can learn to play. Yes, you heard me right. Play. Sculpting and painting and photoshopping is just all so enjoyable. Once I know all the tricks of the trade, it will be easy for me to play around with things and turn them into what I want them to be. It's like all of the scribbling children do, all the fingerpainting, all the playing with Playdoh, drawing on walls with crayons, making volcanos out of their mashed potatoes, etc, all glorified and grown-up and, in some cases, worth actual money.

So, truth be told, I am not a genius. But I do have my good points, very much worth recognizing. I recognize my bad points too, but there's no point in dwelling on them besides to acknowledge that they need to be improved upon until they're gone, and work towards that.

I'm getting hungry, and for once, I feel like exercising, so I will bid you all adieu for now.

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