Thursday, July 27, 2006

Effective Morning

I hate waking up smelling of sweat. I guess there's not really anything I can do about it other than wait for the weather to cool off.

I talked with my mother on the phone yesterday, and she recommended that I try to get all the housework done in the mornings so that I'll have the rest of the day free for whatever I want to do. This sounds like a grand plan to me (despite the fact that I enjoy lazy mornings), so I started in on it today. I did about half the dishes (I would've done the rest, but there simply wasn't room in the dish-rack for all of them, so I will do them in a little while once the first ones are dry). I put the chicken in the fridge to defrost for dinner tonight. I ate breakfast. I made a basic budget to go by in Excel. I activated the laundry discount on my BYU student ID card. I put money on the card (now I can do laundry while Veng is gone, he'll be so happy). I activated my new credit card, and debit card. I figured out how much my tuition will be for fall ($1,500 for 8 credit hours approximately). I finally checked my grades for last Winter/Spring semester (my teacher who said he was going to give me an A gave me a B+ instead...bah). I destroyed my old debit and credit cards. And I checked all my webcomics and blogs. And it's still only 10:30 in the morning. :)

To-do list for the rest of today:
Finish the dishes
Walk down to the store for some disposable tupperware so I can take a meal to a family tonight who just had a new baby
Look at the store for salad stuff for that same meal
Eat lunch
Write some thank-you notes
Make dinner
Work on my new web-portfolio site I'm making to add to my resume
Show off my new site once it's looking a little better and receive praise and compliments for my talents and skillz (I must admit, the lips I drew in PhotoShop yesterday are the sexiest pair of lips I've ever drawn...and they actually look pretty realistic for once)
Do the dishes from dinner
Go to sleep

Not too bad of a day overall, I think. Veng should be proud of my resolution to spend today being productive, rather than lazing about and reading as I would like to do all day. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the thank-you notes, pick meals to make for next week, go grocery shopping, and then spend some time lazing about. Saturday will be the completion of any previously unfinished thank-you notes, laundry, apartment-cleaning, and lazing about. Maybe we'll go on a date again (last weekend we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (a.k.a. Pirates 2) which I was pleasantly surprised by (I went in expecting it to be bad, and it was actually alright)).

I was considering buying a new pair of baggy jeans, but the site that had them is all sold out, it seems. Sad days.

Well, time to go be productive again.

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