Saturday, July 15, 2006


So, the other day when I blogged my lovely little complaint about being lazy and not accomplishing anything, I decided right afterwards to get on it and do things. So I picked up the apartment, did the dishes, vacuumed and swept, made dinner, and finished reading WoT #4. Yesterday, I decided to continue with the productiveness. I dropped Veng off at work, went to the Social Security office (the building is poorly labeled...they should have a more visible sign) and got my name changed, went to the Provo Driver's License office and got my name changed (and they took a new photo of me, despite the fact that the last one was from just last year...the new one is not a horrible photo, but not great either), went to the bank and deposited the last of our wedding checks (hooray for large sums of money!), and got my name changed, and my address, and learned about a new savings account that I should probably start using, and then I came home. Walking up the stairs to our apartment, I managed to quirk my knee pretty bad, so then I spent about 45 minutes sitting at the computer reading blogs while waiting for the pain to go away.

After that lovely break, I planned out dinners for the next week, made a shopping list, dropped off an extremely late bill at the Post Office, and went grocery shopping, which took much longer than I expected it would, as they've rearranged where half the things in Macey's are and I kept having to go back down aisles I'd already been down to get a couple more things that I missed the first time. I spent a lot of money, but we're pretty well stocked as far as food goes for the next while. I wonder how long it'll last us...

After my grocery shopping extravaganza, I went and picked Mike up from work, a whole horrible 40 minutes late. I felt bad, but he'd found things to do with his server over the internet while waiting for me, so I guess it turned out alright. Went home, took the groceries in, and made brownies as quick as I could (thanks for the recipe, Coley!), and then we went to Dessert Club (several couples bring dessert to another couple's apartment in the complex, where they all get to eat everyone else's desserts and talk). One of the other two couples there also brought brownies, and the hosting couple had ice cream, so we had brownies and ice cream which always go well together. Came home, and watched the first disc of Now and Then, Here and There, and then went and tried to fall asleep.

Right before watching the anime, and all during, and after for a good while too, I was incredibly hot. I drank lots of liquids. I got my hair wet with cold water. I tried holding ice, putting a wet rag on my head, rubbing ice on my wrists and knees to cool my blood down, eating a piece of ice to cool my tummy down, etc. None of it worked very well, but it kept me from passing out at least. I need to drink more water today, no doubt about it.

The cold has definitely moved in and claimed its territory, which I think is contributing to my fatigue and dizzy-spells. It's supposed to cool off at the beginning of next week, by a little bit, which will be nice. I want to get a thermometer so I can record just how hot our apartment gets.

Today I think I'm going to take awhile to relax again. Maybe I will take a nap. That sounds splendiferous right now. I should work on finishing up the Thank You notes also. I've been putting those off for entirely too long.

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noelle feather said...

What a neat idea about the dessert club. :)

I'm a big lover of brownies--do you mind posting the recipe that you mentioned in your thank you? :)