Friday, July 28, 2006


I'm feeling melancholy today. I did everything I was planning on doing yesterday plus drew a picture and watched some TV, and got a good start on writing thank-you notes this morning. Suddenly, I stopped writing them. I quite simply did not want to anymore. And I have been feeling melancholy ever since. Is it melancholy, or melancholic? I would look it up, normally... I ought to get back to writing thank-you notes. I've read some manga, listened to some music, my mood has not improved. The pit of my stomach is filled with dimness. My eyes are tired from reading. I want to not do anything; I want to do everything. I want to be wrapped in comforting warmth, to have something to hold onto tightly. I want all my dreams to come true. I want other people to see my art, to be moved by it, to read my stories and be impacted, to hear me portray a character and believe that is how that person sounds. I want to be a mother, to raise my kids to be confident and intelligent and street-smart and not afraid of failure. I want to live in a city, where life is moving, swirling, something always happening somewhere. I want to travel, and soak in the marvelous things in the world, to see how other people deal with their lives, to get a glimpse of somewhere...

Am I progressing towards any of my goals? Am I making headway against the raging waters of laziness and angst that keep trying to hold me still? I'm not...doing anything with myself. I get things done, and yet, it doesn't feel like I've accomplished anything important. Daily tasks are trivialized when seen against those looming dreams, and the small steps needed to reach them are buried somewhere inside me. Sometimes I am pleased with myself, with all I've accomplished lately. I wish I could hold that feeling close more often.

I miss Mike when he's gone. He's the only person I see regularly right now. My friends are still my friends, but it feels like I've slipped behind a curtain, a thin film of fabric that is somehow separating me from everyone else, and I don't know how to tear through it. It's non-existant with Mike, and I miss him, and he's gone so much.

Please be patient until I've found my path to walk on. Let me have my moments of melancholy; once they've passed by I am happy again. Teetering. I am not a flat picture. I too have a smile to display, a genuine laugh to be heard, and so there's nothing to pity.

I need to express myself when I feel like this, and I have no wire to sculpt with, and no place suitable for painting, and no markers for drawing the thick black bleeding lines I want, no piano to play on, and my lips have lost the tightness needed for my flute, there's neighbors that I can't bring myself to disturb by shouting or singing, it's too hot to walk anywhere, and I don't have a bike lock for riding. All that's left, really, is writing. I mourn the melancholy as it blows past, knowing the inevitability of its return, yet I will be happy again soon enough.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Effective Morning

I hate waking up smelling of sweat. I guess there's not really anything I can do about it other than wait for the weather to cool off.

I talked with my mother on the phone yesterday, and she recommended that I try to get all the housework done in the mornings so that I'll have the rest of the day free for whatever I want to do. This sounds like a grand plan to me (despite the fact that I enjoy lazy mornings), so I started in on it today. I did about half the dishes (I would've done the rest, but there simply wasn't room in the dish-rack for all of them, so I will do them in a little while once the first ones are dry). I put the chicken in the fridge to defrost for dinner tonight. I ate breakfast. I made a basic budget to go by in Excel. I activated the laundry discount on my BYU student ID card. I put money on the card (now I can do laundry while Veng is gone, he'll be so happy). I activated my new credit card, and debit card. I figured out how much my tuition will be for fall ($1,500 for 8 credit hours approximately). I finally checked my grades for last Winter/Spring semester (my teacher who said he was going to give me an A gave me a B+ instead...bah). I destroyed my old debit and credit cards. And I checked all my webcomics and blogs. And it's still only 10:30 in the morning. :)

To-do list for the rest of today:
Finish the dishes
Walk down to the store for some disposable tupperware so I can take a meal to a family tonight who just had a new baby
Look at the store for salad stuff for that same meal
Eat lunch
Write some thank-you notes
Make dinner
Work on my new web-portfolio site I'm making to add to my resume
Show off my new site once it's looking a little better and receive praise and compliments for my talents and skillz (I must admit, the lips I drew in PhotoShop yesterday are the sexiest pair of lips I've ever drawn...and they actually look pretty realistic for once)
Do the dishes from dinner
Go to sleep

Not too bad of a day overall, I think. Veng should be proud of my resolution to spend today being productive, rather than lazing about and reading as I would like to do all day. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the thank-you notes, pick meals to make for next week, go grocery shopping, and then spend some time lazing about. Saturday will be the completion of any previously unfinished thank-you notes, laundry, apartment-cleaning, and lazing about. Maybe we'll go on a date again (last weekend we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (a.k.a. Pirates 2) which I was pleasantly surprised by (I went in expecting it to be bad, and it was actually alright)).

I was considering buying a new pair of baggy jeans, but the site that had them is all sold out, it seems. Sad days.

Well, time to go be productive again.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sunday was crazy; thank-you notes can die.

So...have I mentioned yet that I got a church calling to lead the congregation in singing the hymns during Sacrament Meeting every Sunday? And that the Sunday before last they made me say the opening prayer, too? Well...they decided, I suppose, that I did such a good job last week that they desperately wanted me up there some more last Sunday. So, not only did I lead the congregational hymns, not only did I also sing in the choir (which I always enjoy doing, thankfully), but I also gave a talk. About pioneers. I talked about my great-great-grandmother, Catharine Cottam Romney, who was really quite a fascinating woman (I have a book that is a compilation of all the surviving letters that she wrote to people during her life...there's over 170 of them). I also managed to say "um" more times than I think I ever have before throughout my entire life, as I was incredibly, irrationally nervous. I honestly don't like talking in public (apparently neither did my great-great-grandmother, as it seems she turned down a request for her to give a 24th of July talk back in the day). It didn't help, of course, that I didn't have my talk all exactly written out, but rather had only about a quarter page of notes hand-written (written in the 10 minutes before the meeting started, I might add...though I'd been reading the book of letters for several days in preparation for the talk). I say "um" less when I know precisely what's supposed to come out of my mouth. I think the talk still went pretty well, though. I learned, in preparing for it, that Catharine felt she was born inherently lazy, and inclined to not over-work herself, which was probably one of the biggest reasons I felt such a connection to her.

In other news, I've written about 6 thank-you notes so far this week, and have about a hundred left to go before they're finally done. I've been putting them off entirely too long, and I'm determined to finish them this week. Once they have been completed, I will dedicate myself to the job-hunt (which I've also, frankly, been putting off (I don't think I'm supposed to split "have" from "been" in a sentence like that, but eh, who cares?)). I also need to do the dishes again (they never end). I did ALL the dishes (there were a lot of them) and ALL the laundry (which there was even more of) on Saturday. So, our apartment was actually clean on Sunday, which was nice.

I don't remember which of my cooking exploits I've chronicled in here and which I haven't. I made tomato-lentil greek soup yesterday again, to use up the rest of the cooked lentils. Man, that stuff is tasty with some feta sprinkled on it. Even tastier when eaten with cheesy-bread, as we did last night.

The cheesy-bread, or the bread itself, disregarding the cheese, is a story in and of itself. I dropped Veng off at work yesterday so that I could have the truck (so I could go pick up some computer stuff from Xirax which I'm planning on making good use of in the very near future). When I returned to our apartment complex after dropping Veng off, I parked as usual in our spot, and got out of the truck, noticing an old man parked in a handi-cap spot a few spaces over. He rolled down the passenger-side window of his car, and called me over. Then, he handed me a bag of rolls. "Here," he said, and then he handed me another bag of buns. "And these," he said, handing me a bag with some bagels. He was about to hand me a bag with a loaf of wheat bread in it as well, but I protested that there was no way we could eat that much bread, thanked him, and walked up to our apartment with three bags of breaded goods, wondering why an old man was in our parking lot with a passenger-seat full of bagged breads that he apparently didn't want. I perhaps should have wondered if they were safe to eat, but I didn't, and so we ate some of the buns last night, and they were good. All the bread is apparently from Kohler's Bakery in Lehi, none of it has expiration dates on it, but I think we will eat it all before it's a problem anyway. So thank you, Mr. Old Man of unknown origin. We always appreciate free food.

I was contemplating last night how I really, really need to get a job soon, as I was calculating our monthly expenses in my head, and then added in the cost of my tuition at the U, and decided we do not have enough money currently for both, and won't, no matter how many hours a week Veng works (which won't be many come fall) unless I get a job soon. It's been so nice having a summer break. But, finances call to me, nagging about utilities, and insurance, and rent, and food costs, and that darn tuition. I keep thinking that if I just didn't take any classes this fall, that we would be okay even if I didn't get a job for a couple more months. But then my brain refutes that, saying "you NEED to take classes this fall!" and then refuses to explain to the rest of me why I need to do that. Apparently, though, the need is there, and refuses to be dismissed, so, once again, I'm left thinking that as soon as the thank-you notes are done, the job hunt has to seriously begin. Though I'd much rather finish catching up with reading the WoT. I'm on book 7 now. Alas, and alack, I don't think it is to be.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I've done a lot lately, though I can't say most of it has been terribly productive. I finished the fifth Wheel of Time book, beat Monkey Island 1 and 2, led the congregation in singing hymns during sacrament meeting for the first time (that's my new calling), made some darn tasty chicken and dumplings, and some pretty-good shepherd's pie, and have been trying to survive incredibly hot days in our non-air-conditioned apartment. It gets up over 90 inside here every day, no matter when I close the windows and blinds, it seems. So, I bought some otter pops to eat, and even went so far as to take a cold bath yesterday, which I have never done before in my life. Next one I take will be a little colder, in hopes that I will stay cooled off for longer. I'm going to go to Book Club tonight, hopefully, though I might leave a little early. I thought it was going to be in the morning, but nay, it's at 7pm, which is precisely the worst time for me on Wednesdays. Hopefully I can squeeze in some book club and some film forum. We'll see. I'm supposed to read From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler for tonight, so I think I'll do that now.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


I've read a couple mentions of Anna Karenina in other people's blogs recently, and it's been reminding me of junior-high and high school.

In middle school, in eighth grade, I had a literature teacher who decided to give us incentive to read. She had a small library on one of the counters, and she had all the books in it catalogued in a binder. She was kind enough to let us check the books out and read them. We had to check out a certain number during the year and read them for an extracurricular activity / homework. But, if we read more than that, if we read a certain number, we would get to be part of an elite group of students whom she took out for gourmet pizza at the end of the year. There was no question in my mind, of course, that I would be one of the students that got pizza. I started reading. I read a couple Ray Bradbury books. I read some really rather stupid quick-read books. I read books that I still remember quite well but can't remember the names of (there was one quite long one about King Arthur, and Merlin, and the Evil Lady that Arthur was seduced by while he was yet a teenager, and there was, of course, magic in it, as well as courtly intrigue, and it seemed a pretty standard, though kind of long, fantasy book). I read books that impacted me a lot, and made me more than eager to read similar books. The Devil's Arithmetic. The Giver (which led to me reading Number The Stars). Night. My Name is Asher Lev. The Gift of Asher Lev. The Chosen. Jewish fiction made up the majority of what I read that year. I was beat out in the number of books I'd read by two people, but I didn't care, because I'd gotten to read so many great books.

The next year (or maybe the year after?), we started a program called AR (I believe it stands for Accelerated Reader), where there was an extensive list of novels, each of which were assigned a certain number of points. Once you'd read the novel, you'd take a test on it, and get a percentage of the points for the book based on your score. We had to get a certain number of points by the end of the year as part of our grade. After my introduction to what I still consider to be Great Literature in eighth grade, I decided to start reading Classics for my AR reading. It helped that they were worth a lot of points. I read The House of Seven Gables, which shocked my teacher, though I didn't understand why, as it wasn't a terribly difficult read. I don't remember what other books I read specifically that year, and what books came during the next two years, or what order I read any of them in. I read Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina, Moby Dick, War and Peace (which took me longer to finish than it's taken me to finish any other book ever because I would get really tired of reading it and take a break and read a couple other books before going back to it again). I read as many of Rudyard Kipling's books/stories as I could get my hands on. I also read some more of my personal Classics, like Roald Dahl, and a good number of fantasy books (The Dark is Rising series, which I'm still quite fond of).

I can't compile a comprehensive list of all the books I've read, I'm horrible at remembering titles and authors of most of them. I continued reading a lot during college, thanks mostly to my never-ending literature classes. Books from The Canon (Uncle Tom's Cabin, Walden Pond), and books completely outside it (Midnight's Children, The Blackwater Lightship, Maus). I had to take that darned Shakespeare class, which I did Independent Study, the very last thing I did before graduating, the one class that delayed my graduation by 3/4 of a year. Writing literary analysis papers, and that Shakespeare class, combined, burned me out. Once I graduated, I didn't read much at all of anything besides manga, which I read a lot of (easy to read, different, no writing analysis papers about it). And I didn't write at all. I'm still not writing much, though I get the urge to write a poem every once in a while again, which means it's slowly coming back. It's been over a year since graduating now, and I feel like I'm finally reading again. The Wheel of Time books are by no means the greatest books in the world, but they are Classic Fantasy for many people, and they've got me wanting to re-read other books that I've read before, and make a trip to the library and get a summer reading collection of about 30 short books to fly through, like I used to do for family vacations (I read a lot of mysteries and young adult novels that way). It feels like I haven't been to the library in ages. It's high time I remedied that, and returned again to my reader's world of finding books that, Canon or not, will always be classics in my head, books that stay with me through the years, enjoyable to read, and enjoyable to remember.


So, the other day when I blogged my lovely little complaint about being lazy and not accomplishing anything, I decided right afterwards to get on it and do things. So I picked up the apartment, did the dishes, vacuumed and swept, made dinner, and finished reading WoT #4. Yesterday, I decided to continue with the productiveness. I dropped Veng off at work, went to the Social Security office (the building is poorly labeled...they should have a more visible sign) and got my name changed, went to the Provo Driver's License office and got my name changed (and they took a new photo of me, despite the fact that the last one was from just last year...the new one is not a horrible photo, but not great either), went to the bank and deposited the last of our wedding checks (hooray for large sums of money!), and got my name changed, and my address, and learned about a new savings account that I should probably start using, and then I came home. Walking up the stairs to our apartment, I managed to quirk my knee pretty bad, so then I spent about 45 minutes sitting at the computer reading blogs while waiting for the pain to go away.

After that lovely break, I planned out dinners for the next week, made a shopping list, dropped off an extremely late bill at the Post Office, and went grocery shopping, which took much longer than I expected it would, as they've rearranged where half the things in Macey's are and I kept having to go back down aisles I'd already been down to get a couple more things that I missed the first time. I spent a lot of money, but we're pretty well stocked as far as food goes for the next while. I wonder how long it'll last us...

After my grocery shopping extravaganza, I went and picked Mike up from work, a whole horrible 40 minutes late. I felt bad, but he'd found things to do with his server over the internet while waiting for me, so I guess it turned out alright. Went home, took the groceries in, and made brownies as quick as I could (thanks for the recipe, Coley!), and then we went to Dessert Club (several couples bring dessert to another couple's apartment in the complex, where they all get to eat everyone else's desserts and talk). One of the other two couples there also brought brownies, and the hosting couple had ice cream, so we had brownies and ice cream which always go well together. Came home, and watched the first disc of Now and Then, Here and There, and then went and tried to fall asleep.

Right before watching the anime, and all during, and after for a good while too, I was incredibly hot. I drank lots of liquids. I got my hair wet with cold water. I tried holding ice, putting a wet rag on my head, rubbing ice on my wrists and knees to cool my blood down, eating a piece of ice to cool my tummy down, etc. None of it worked very well, but it kept me from passing out at least. I need to drink more water today, no doubt about it.

The cold has definitely moved in and claimed its territory, which I think is contributing to my fatigue and dizzy-spells. It's supposed to cool off at the beginning of next week, by a little bit, which will be nice. I want to get a thermometer so I can record just how hot our apartment gets.

Today I think I'm going to take awhile to relax again. Maybe I will take a nap. That sounds splendiferous right now. I should work on finishing up the Thank You notes also. I've been putting those off for entirely too long.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wastes of time

The internet in our apartment is broken again. So soon, again, already. Going to call IT today. I'm getting very tired of this.

I still have no job. I need to work on that.

Veng has a cold...I think I may be catching it.

I started re-reading the Wheel of Time books on Friday. I'm almost done with the 4th one now, probably finish it today.

The apartment is still a wreck and needs massive cleaning.

I'm supposed to go visiting teaching today but I have no idea when because my companion never called me back to tell me. I haven't been visiting teaching in a long time...hopefully it goes okay. Always makes me nervous.

Our apartment is killer hot. I don't know how many times I've almost passed out lately because of it. Well, okay, I haven't almost passed out at all, but I have been getting headaches, and have felt dizzy when standing up a lot more often than is normal.

Veng is so busy, and what have I been doing? Reading. And that's about it. This does not make me proud of myself. I am not doing a good job at taking care of things in the apartment until I get a job, I'm not doing a good job of getting a job, I'm not doing a good job at much of anything, and he's working so hard, and he's so busy with school and work and homework, and I'm not doing anything that really is productive at all. I am not very happy with myself.

Hormones are out of whack this week, too, making me overly emotional. Not much I can do about that. I need to go get a new prescription so I can start taking pills every day again so it won't be so bad again. Makes me dislike being a girl. Bleh.

Not really much of a point to this post, I suppose. I want to go back to bed for a couple hours, but I ought to get ready, since I have no idea when visiting teaching will be.

I need a job. Really need something to go do every day that's worthwhile, that's outside the apartment.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The need to clean, food, and a break-up story

[Current Mood | chipper]

I'm getting antsy about cleaning things up today, which is, in general, a good sign that things are WAAAAAAAY too messy. So, that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Since we haven't had any really planned out meals lately, I have been experimenting with cooking. Yesterday I spiced up our store-bought pasta sauce by adding in some green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and smoked sausage. Turned out quite well. Even better though was the soup I made a few weeks ago. From scratch. I haven't ever made soup from scratch before (I've only ever heated up the pre-made cans, really), so I was quite proud of myself. I used half-a-can of tomato 'sauce' (it was basically slightly thinner than tomato paste, no flavorings added) and some water for the liquid base. Added that to the keilbasa, onions, garlic, carrots, and possibly some other veggies that I'd already fried up. Spiced it with some fresh thyme, a lot of basil, a tiny pinch of rosemary, and some salt and pepper. It turned out very, very tasty. I've been trying to use up stuff we've already got partially cut up in our fridge, because we keep discovering things that have gone bad before we've gotten to use them. Like an entire package of hamburger meat. That was a very sad thing to have to throw away.

On Thursday, it was our 2-month anniversary. I cleaned up the apartment a bit, got dressed up pretty, and made a pound cake from a mix we had gotten as a wedding present. That was a tasty cake, I tell you what. Mike got home from work, got to see me and the cake both looking nice, and then we went out to eat at Sam Hawk (one of my favorite places to eat in town, family-style Korean food that is absolutely delicioius). It was Mike's first time there, and he liked it a lot too, so I was pleased. We need to get less food next time though, as we ended up with a decent amount of leftovers to take home. Then he went to ARMA, came home, we ate the cake (I love cakes with a slight lemon flavor), and he got to work on homework for the rest of the evening, which was not so exciting for either of us, but necessary. That's probably more celebration than we're likely to get at any of our upcoming monthly anniversaries (which we're celebrating for our first year of marriage, because hey, when else are we going to get to have a little mini-celebration every single month?)

Now for the fun(ny) part.

My younger sister, we'll call her Sweet Pea for right now, is sixteen, and very popular. During the last school year, she met this guy, I'll call him Shortie, who was also very popular, seemed decently nice, had extremely wealthy parents, and a crush on her. They hung out together a lot under the pretense of studying for the chemistry class they were both in, and went on some dates. After a while, Shortie decided to put the moves on Sweet Pea, and started holding her hand, and putting his arm around her when they were sitting next to each other. In both of their minds, they were basically 'going steady' or 'going out' or whatever you wish to call it. My parents were not very happy about this (after several negative experiences with my oldest sister during her teenage years, they are definitely not fans of their children being in semi-serious relationships before college). So they made a rule. Sweet Pea was only allowed to go on one date with Shortie per month. And she couldn't go study with him unless somebody else from the class was also there. Sweet Pea wasn't very happy about this, and Shortie was even less happy. But, they decided to keep at it. Then, summer came. Sweet Pea, like she does every year, became insanely busy with a plethora of trips (my Arizona reception, family vacation to San Francisco, flute camp, and endless more throughout the summer) and no longer had time for the additional hanging out they usually did together. She got home from one of her trips (3 days long), to discover that Shortie had not emailed her. This was odd, because they normally emailed each other long, sappy and silly and very 'sixteen years old on the internet' capitalization and grammar-lacking emails, very frequently. So, she IM'd him. What follows is a rough transcription of how she described their conversation to me.

Sweet Pea: Hey!!!!!!! :) You didn't email me! :(
Shortie: Yeah, sorry.
SP: What's up??
Sh: Actually, I wanted to tell you something.
SP: ok
Sh: I don't like you anymore.
SP: ok
Sh: I don't want to see you anymore. You're never around anyways.
SP: ok, that's cool. I'm cool with that.
SP: we're still friend though, yeah? We can hang out sometimes?
Sh: yeah, whatever. I don't want to email you anymore though.
SP: ok
Sh: well, bye
SP: bye

And thus, their young and fragile romance was ended. I find it hilarious that he broke up with her over Instant Messaging. She told the story in a much more entertaining manner than I did, so I know she's fine with all of it, she'd been thinking of breaking up with him anyways since they never saw each other anymore, and she could tell he really, really didn't like the one-date-a-month rule. But still, I can't help but bristle slightly in her defense. I mean, what kind of jerk just says straight-up over IM "I don't like you anymore" ?! Anyways, it's all indubitably for the best. Funniest break-up story I've heard in awhile though.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The lovely internet is working again. Apparently there was some sucky splicing which had come apart somewhere between our jack and IT's switch. So IT was very kind and fixed it for us, and hopefully now it will stay fixed.

I hope everybody had an enjoyable 4th of July. Mine was not so enjoyable, but, eh, no big deal anymore. On the good side, we got a phone for our apartment which is actually pretty nice, and has an answering machine. I like it quite a lot (our old apartment phone did not work so wonderfully). It has two handsets (with only one base, which is great, because there's only one phone jack in the apartment). So we have the base in the kitchen with one handset, and the other handset is living in our computer room.

Today has so far been a good day. There was actually time for cuddle-time this morning, which I've missed lately. Then, over the course of about an hour, the internet got fixed, I did the dishes, and I attempted to make a tortilla de patatas (which would have worked wonderfully save it were for the fact that we only had one egg left...though it still tasted good in its' hash browns mixed with a scrambled egg form). I also cleaned up some random stuff in the apartment. And, I pre-ordered Season 2 of SuperGALS! (thanks for the tip, rDespair!) and finally went ahead and ordered disc 5 of season 1 so Veng and I can finish watching it sometime soon. Now I just need volumes 6 and 7 of the Marmalade Boy manga, and the last 3 discs of Last Exile, and a couple more of the Wheel of Time books (including however many haven't been released yet) and then all of our series collections will be complete (with the exception of the Yotsuba&! manga which has been put on a hiatus currently...grrr to ADV Manga).

For the rest of the day, I have the lovely opportunity of figuring out what to eat for lunch, followed by some more apartment cleaning (it's a never-ending job), some possible job hunting, then maybe some sewing. Should continue to be a good day.

EDIT: Happy 400th LiveJournal post to me!

Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm on the internet, through Veng's cellphone, on his computer. The internet in our apartment has been out for 3 days. IT is suspicious of the jack, so they're going to come check it on Wednesday. The only problem with this is, they've checked the jack about 4 times before and haven't ever found anything wrong with it. The internet hasn't ever been out for this long at once before though, so maybe the jack finally went and completely died. Or maybe the switch downstairs died. I don't have the foggiest, but in a way, I hope it's still broken when they get here on Wednesday so they can finally figure out what on earth is wrong with it. It has been the cause of much frustration (for me at least). I wouldn't say I'm addicted to the internet, really, but it has become part of my daily routine to check my email, check blogs, read webcomics, and chat a bit with friends. Doesn't matter what time of the day I do it. So it's frustrating to not be able to.

I've been having lots of good times lately. Several fun nights hanging out with friends. Seven Peaks was great, I haven't been there in years, I'm still worn out from it. It's a pretty good little waterpark. Red Robin was good as usual, though once again, I forgot to take my cup. Keep paying an extra buck for the darn cup, and I never remember to take it with me. Oh well. Fireworks were great. That's the perfect spot to watch them from. I'm glad we brought chairs though, because I was wiped. The comfy chair let me almost fall asleep, which was nice.

There's rumors of a party tonight. I don't know any specifically specific details about it though, so if anybody happens to know what's going on, if you could give me a call tonight, that'd be terrific. Veng has my cell right now, since I'm using his to get on the wired, so don't call before 4:30 because he's not supposed to get phone calls at work. Unless you have his cell number, in which case, you could use that to call me. Because I'm a genius.

Speaking of being a genius, I discovered this morning while talking to the lovely IT personnel that our computer room window had come off its track on the top and was leaning haphazardly against the blinds. How does talking to IT lead to discovering your window is off its track? You may very well be wondering this. Well, it was open, and they were mowing the lawn outside, and I couldn't hear the IT girl over the phone, so I was trying to close the window, and the darn thing just wouldn't slide closed, so I looked at it, and voila! Broken. Kind of. I tried to shove it back in while holding the phone against my ear with my shoulder, but I was in my pajamas and couldn't fiddle with it much without displaying my belly to the world through the wide-open window. So I went and changed while I was on hold (which is difficult to do, since you don't want to put the phone down in case they take you off hold). Then I tried again while I was on the phone. Still no dice. Once I was off the phone, I tried hammering it a little. No good, I was worried about hammering too hard and breaking the window. So, finally, I took a good look at it, scooted it over just so precisely far, tipped the end up that wasn't having major problems with being off-track, slipped the other end back into the track, and now it is lovely and working and sliding okay once again. Roger that, I am a genius.

Many of the people I've met recently seem to be convinced that I am incredibly ambitious, just because I want to attempt to get a second bachelor's degree. This is not really the case. In truth, I am going back to school (if the whole job/commuting situation works out) so that I can learn to play. Yes, you heard me right. Play. Sculpting and painting and photoshopping is just all so enjoyable. Once I know all the tricks of the trade, it will be easy for me to play around with things and turn them into what I want them to be. It's like all of the scribbling children do, all the fingerpainting, all the playing with Playdoh, drawing on walls with crayons, making volcanos out of their mashed potatoes, etc, all glorified and grown-up and, in some cases, worth actual money.

So, truth be told, I am not a genius. But I do have my good points, very much worth recognizing. I recognize my bad points too, but there's no point in dwelling on them besides to acknowledge that they need to be improved upon until they're gone, and work towards that.

I'm getting hungry, and for once, I feel like exercising, so I will bid you all adieu for now.