Monday, June 26, 2006

Veng went back to class and work today. I got to stay home. Yay. I woke up to computer problems (Explorer and Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger kept taking turns crashing whenever I booted up) and didn't get them fixed until noon. Then I looked around at jobs listed online for a bit, and found one I'm interested in applying for. Which I seem to have managed to close. Dang. Gotta go find it again. There it is. Computer Technician Internship. I fixed a pair of Veng's pants that I'd promised him forever ago that I'd fix, and did some preliminary work on fixing some shirt hems for him (I would have finished them but I have no white thread and no car to go buy white thread with so it'll have to wait until he's home).

After all that, I made myself some sourdough pizza toast for an extremely late brunch. Which I just finished. Yummy. I'm still hungry, but at this point, I think I'm feeling lazy enough to just wait until Veng comes home for dinner (though I have no idea what we'll eat). I still need to exercise sometime today, do the dishes, do some laundry, go grocery shopping...

I made a goal to exercise 3 times this week, and fix Veng's shirts, and do some last cleaning/organizing of the apartment, and apply to seven (I think?) different jobs. If it all works out, and Veng gets all his goals for the week done as well, we're planning on going to AX this weekend. Still waiting to see if he can get work off on Monday so that it'd be worth going. At this point in time, we'll probably end up sleeping on the floor of the hotel room of our friends from AZ who are going, which is more affordable than getting our own hotel room. I think it'll be a fun little vacation if it works out. If not, oh well, we'll save several hundred dollars that we can spend later on things like rent. ;) So, we'll see how it goes.

Welp, the time has arrived to go exercise and clean. I hope everbody's doing well, more updates will come later.

P.S. Had a great time playing DS and Karaoke and Nerts with people over the weekend, many thanks to everybody.


Th. said...


Sounds like it's time for Firefox.

kirsa said...

Funny thing is, I'm using Firefox. It wasn't Internet Explorer that was crashing, it was Windows Explorer...the lovely function that lets you open windows and shows icons and such things.