Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Home Again

Going on vacation is fun, but it's always so nice to come back home again. Our week in Arizona was an all-around interesting adventure.

First off, we had our reception on the 3rd. We spent all day setting things up both inside and outside. (The reception was outside.) I got a bit of heat exhaustion. I'm surprised I was the only one, since it was 112 degrees outside. It remained 110 for most of our reception, despite the fact that the sun had gone down. And my little sister accidentally turned off the air conditioning upstairs where Veng and I and my family were all sleeping, and nobody realized it, so I got to get dressed in my dress in an already-sweaty state. Definitely the hottest I've ever been. It was also my mother's birthday that day. I still need to get her a present. And my dad, since it was his birthday this last Saturday. Anyways, it turned out pretty well. On Sunday, my family drove back home so that my little brother could speak at Seminary Graduation or some such thing, and so they could be back home for the last week of high school. Trace is now graduated, which oddly, does not seem strange to me at all. I don't think he'll have any problems adjusting to college this fall. Veng and I stayed in Arizona for the week. We watched 12 movies while we were there. I haven't ever watched that many movies in a single week before. Walk the Line, King Kong, the end of Cinderella Man (we'd watched all but the end on our honeymoon), The Notebook, Matrix Revolutions (I liked it way better than the second Matrix movie), Star Wars Episode III, Return of the King, The Ring, Batman Begins, and some others that I apparently can't remember.

The movies, of course, were not really the adventurous part. On Tuesday we went out to "the lake" and went jet-skiing with Veng's parents. It was my second time ever going, and I think I did pretty well, though I did not enjoy the ride back to the pier at all, as it was very choppy and in addition to making me slightly motion-sick, it gave me a sore bottom.

On Wednesday, feeling only slightly recovered from Tuesday, we went with Veng's parents and his older brother to go 4-wheeling/quadding/whatever you want to call it. I choose to call it scary. I will openly admit that those vehicles scare me. Veng's parents also own a souped-up golf cart thing, which has been modified for off-roading of a sort. Very bumpy ride, but not especially terrifying. But it did scare me, so I was very nervous about trying out the quads. So I spent most of the morning (did I mention that we got up at the insane hour of 5:30 to beat the heat? I was very tired) watching Veng and Menace (his brother) ride around on them. Menace is slightly crazy when it comes to those things, and was going crazy fast and doing huge jumps and other things. Veng was being much more sane, and was only taking the things he thought he could handle, and was going at a reasonable speed. So I wasn't too horribly worried. Menace got low on gas so went back towards the Tahoe to fill up his quad, and we went with Veng over to a different area of desert so he could try out some new hills (the entire place has been ripped up horribly by off-roaders, so there's all sorts of trails going up hills that have been worn down so that there's now 2-6 foot cliffs going upwards on either side of the trail). Veng did some figure-eights for a while on a circly sandy part, then went to tackle one of the hills which looked pretty small to me (much smaller than the hill named Widow-maker which he'd been riding up and down minutes before with no problems).

Do you feel the sense of impending doom yet? I didn't at the time.

We were maybe 50 feet away, watching him from the side as he went up this hill rather slowly. He passed behind a bush, and the engine started sounding funny...we saw him emerge from behind the bush, then the engine cut out, he started rolling backwards, and then suddenly, the second-most terrifying sight of my life, the quad tipped backwards and he and it disappeared behind the bush, and the definitely-most-terrifying sound of my life, we heard him scream. I could not take the time to think things through and go back to the golf-cart and drive over there rationally. I could not take the time to think at all. My adrenaline carried me sprinting over there as fast as I could run over the sandy dirt until I got around the bush and saw the most terrifying sight of my life. He was on his back, legs in the air, head and arm bent and pinned under the handlebars of the quad. He saw me and his father running towards him and yelled that he was alright. I couldn't lift it off him until his dad got there. He was, rather miraculously, alright. A few scratches, no broken bones, no paralysis, no cracked skull many thanks to the helmet. I, of course, remained terrified. The quad also was miraculously unbroken.

I said we were done for the day. Veng's mom agreed. His parents took the golf-cart back. His brother took the other quad back (he had arrived at the crash scene moments after we had, and was able to flip the quad back right-side up). Veng and I were left with the task of getting the quad-of-doom back. Veng offered to drive, but I couldn't let him drive it again, I was entirely too terrified for that. So I drove. I took the monster, and I drove it at a grand pace of approximately 5mph for the endlessly long trip back to the trailer, and even at that slow speed, I still almost crashed while we were going up the one small hill because I over-reacted, and Veng had to reach around me and help me steer up the rest of the hill. I drove, and I was terrified, and the only thing that kept me from sobbing the whole way was that he was safe, and he was right behind me, holding on to me, reassuring me with words and kisses on my shoulder that he was okay. We finally made it back to the Tahoe and the trailer, and I washed off his wounds as best I could without ripping his skin more, and took pictures of each of them with my camera-phone so that they could be documented. I do not know if I will ever be not-scared enough to go quadding again. I think I'll eventually get over it. As long as I never have to see something that scary again for the rest of my life, I will be satisfied with my blessings, and thankful to have a husband who is safe next to me. Before we left the desert-quadding-place, I acquired some cool future-sculpture loot in the form of an abandoned clutch disk, and an abandoned fatty heavy rim. There's a lot of crap that people have dumped out there...little do they know what cool things I can make out of it. Just need some welding equipment...

The rest of the week was not nearly so exciting. Like I said, we watched a lot of movies. We went out to eat with Veng's family several times. I had a really good baked yam with caramel sauce and melty marshmallows on top at the Texas Roadhouse. On Saturday, I attended my first LAN party. I got to meet some more of Veng's LANning friends, and play BattleField 2, Midtown Madness 2, and SWAT 4 with them. The last 2 games could be played over the network with hacks and cracks. BF2, however, had to be played over the internet, and so, I now own a copy of it. It's the first computer game that I, myself, have owned. Too bad I won't be playing it much. :/ The LAN was fun though, and I enjoyed it. I'm getting so that I'm not too bad at playing Midtown Madness. I still crash a lot, but I can take turns at high speeds now, as long as I'm using my wireless gaming controller we bought. I'm still no good at gaming with the keyboard and mouse (I did get about 3 kills in BF2 though, and a couple in SWAT 4, so I'm slowly improving). On Sunday we drove home, and yesterday we unpacked our gifts and luggage and went and spent some more gift-cards at Target, and had FHE with my brother and his wife.

Today's been good. We've been to Target twice (ridiculous, I know). I tried out my new laundry cart this morning, and the caster wheels broke within 5 minutes of putting it together. So we took it back, and I got this sweet little cart with big wheels on it that folds up really little while you're not using it. Though it may not hold much laundry (I'll finally actually have to do laundry frequently) it goes up and down the stairs well, is easy to maneuver, and works well also for hauling groceries from the truck to the apartment (once again, up the stairs). So, we discovered how sweet my cart was, and Veng decided he wanted one for his swords. So we put together a grocery list, and went back to Target and bought another cart and some food for the week. Yay, food. And sweet carts. The carts are really easy to assemble too, and not horribly expensive. Cheaper than most of the not uber-ugly trashcans they had. I need to find somewhere else to shop for trashcans. We also got a cool little file-holder cart thing for me (I've needed somewhere that I can file important papers for ages now, it'll be super-nice to finally have one). And we got a bunch of those sticky 3M clips so we can hopefully soon hang things on our walls (since we're only allowed 4 nails per room and there's already two in each).

Alrighty. That's enough updating for right now. I ought to be back on a normal update schedule soon.


Th. said...


I was compiling a list of witty things to say, but the crash erased them all from my memory. Glad you all survived....

Flaw said...

Glad to hear the quad's ok.

Oh, and Mike too. Don't need a broken Mike.

If you are going to play BF2, or know people who will play - get ahold of Kratza and I. We'll squad up and destroy the competition.