Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hello, June

So, you know, I figured, hey, why not update again? It's been awhile, and I'm always complaining to myself in my head about other people not updating frequently enough (mainly because I am still jobless).

It's been almost a month since the big W-day now, and things are still going quite well. Poor Veng has had to endure a couple days of me being depressed and overall hard to deal with but he's handled it pretty well. I'm getting used to falling asleep with the fan on at night (not too hard since there's no air conditioning in the apartment) and he seems to be getting used to me getting out of bed early (for some bizarre unknown reason I've been waking up before 7 or 7:30 every morning lately). We beat FF7 together, and watched Advent Children. We watched more SuperGALS!, we've hung out with friends a couple times, have met all the leadership people in our ward, went and saw X-Men III: The Last Stand, and have both learned how to roll over at night without whacking each other or stealing the blankets. Veng has caught up on a lot of StrongBad emails and RealLife Comics, while I finished reading Monster and got more than halfway through Ranma 1/2. I've been practicing cooking dinners, which have all turned out pretty good so far. Veng is a sweetheart and makes me food when I'm not feeling well. I finally found my passport and my wall-hangings from China today, after dreaming about them last night and finally convincing Vengance that we really ought to go up to Salt Lake for a little bit today so I could look for them so now I no longer have to stress about having lost them anymore. I'm all packed for our reception this weekend in Arizona (we're driving down tomorrow), and Veng is working on the slideshow until he feels like packing his stuff. We have two eggs, one glass of milk, and an entire salad's worth of vegetables to eat before we leave tomorrow to keep them from spoiling. I made my first batch of cookies as a married woman today: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. They're not bad (apple cinnamon flavored instant oatmeal features as a key ingredient...I might put more normal rolled oats in next time though to balance out the flavor a bit).

In summation, life has been pretty good for the past month. I still need to get my name changed on all those pesky important legal documents, and we need to figure out where to bank at, and I still need a job once we return from AZ (we'll be there for a week, oh lovely 110 degree weather in Mesa, I think I will melt). But, you know, life is easier to handle when you've got a companion to help with the load.

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No one ever seems to realize this preW, but sleeping temperature is a BIG deal.