Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New name needed.

And a new avatar. To commemorate my significant life-changing event.

Because, you see, I turned 23.

Oh, yeah, and there was that whole "I got married" thing too (which was wonderful, the whole day was completely perfect, and everything's been lovely since then except for the whole spend-my-birthday flying to Miami thing, but that was for the sake of our honeymoon cruise so it wasn't too bad realistically). The wedding day was wonderful, the honeymoon was wonderful, cleaning up and organizing the apartment has been going pretty good (anybody want some crap?...we've got some nice dishes and towels and stuff that we can't return and don't want if anybody is in need of anything). A tad behind on laundry...need to do that today. And oh yeah, I still need to look for a job. We're living off of giftcards and my savings currently. I've decided that I'm currently interested in sound editing/manipulation/recording, and so if anybody knows of an entry-level position in that field, I'd love to get some experience in it (doubt it'll happen, but it's my current career fascination).

Aaaand I'm all caught up on webcomics and blogs, and all the fascinating things I had to talk about have disappeared out of my pre-stored blog brain.

Many thanks to everybody for their participation/gifts/congratulations in the whole wedding thing. We've got a sweet pad for entertainment purposes now mainly because of gifts from peoples. Like Guitar Hero. With two guitars. I think we've unlocked all the songs now. Veng is amazingly good at that game. If I don't stop him, he plays it about five hours a day. And we're now the proud owners of a hard metal DDR pad (just like the arcade ones without the lights). And there's our still-growing yet decently sizeable anime and game collection. And to display it all, we have a projector. And we've got a couch and a couple chairs for people to sit on, and some sweet lamps if anybody wants to read any of our many many books. So, you know, people should come hang out. We've got fondue pots (yes, plural), and other crazy kitchen appliances that should make partying with food-stuffs pretty easy to do. We've even got a table people can eat at if they feel so inclined. So, yep...come hang out with us! Seriously...parties are always great.

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Maybe you can just make a career out of getting married. It sounds like your first attempt brought in the dough.