Friday, May 26, 2006

Fangirliness Extraordinaire

Posted on LJ last night:

<3 I'm in looooooove! <3

Just watched Whisper of the Heart (we own it, yay!) and it was soooooo cute! So now I'm in this super-lovey-dovey eager-to-follow-my-dreams sort of mood. And I want to voice act again...that one's going to have to wait. But oooooooh, so cute, so inspiring! You should all watch it. Well, maybe all of you...Veng watched it with me (of course) and kept making comments about how the cat should get run over, or the two main characters should fall off a cliff, or so on and so forth. So, maybe not for everybody. ;) But definitely for me. So cute. New avatar ideas, we'll see what pops out tomorrow.

Also! I finally finished disk 1 of Final Fantasy VII. Finally! I'm a decent ways through disk 2 now, too, I think. Can't wait to beat the game, then I can watch Advent Children. But dangit, I want my characters back.

I've got Country Road stuck in my head now. And I got kisses for singing it! Yay!

Now it's sleepy-bye time. So, bye-bye!

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