Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Niner, niner, and a couple-o zeros, add in a shift or two

So, it's high time (yes? Yes.) that I write a new (and possibly interesting?) post. It may be slightly (give me a break, you know it will be more than slightly) odd in that it may be at least partially stream-of-consciousness (and you know I'll interrupt myself, I always do when writing like this, though I don't generally stick them in parentheticals (to contradict myself, sometimes I do, and they usually end up being very long tangents) like I am currently doing), writing whatever I feel like as I think of it (because my brain works in mysteriouuuuusssss ways (and you really must wiggle your fingers at the person next to you when you say mysteriouuuuuussss) which is meant to be pronounced with the person saying it holding out the "uh" sound and the "ss" sound at the end, rather than transforming them into an ugly "ooh" sound (I would transcribe all the sounds properly according to what I learned in my linguistics class my freshman (or was it sophmore?) year, but I no longer remember the IPA (I'm surprised I even remembered the name of it, actually) so I will try to write phonetically instead (but I won't actually write phonetically, I'll just write the sounds of words that you may not know from how I originally wrote them how you ought to pronounce them if you were to read them out loud (and I always read my writing out loud in my head, so why shouldn't you?) in something approximating phonetically (this is really getting bad now, I ought to stop))).

Enough of that paragraph, time for a new one. I'm writing this all in Blogger today, and that funny orange Publish Post button is distracting me and making me think of, well, orange. It's a very red-orange. Good for painting poppies and abstract Easter rabbits (though the abstractish Easter rabbit that I drew on the white board at work is yellow...highlighter yellow...with just a little bit of an orange shadow where the second ear goes behind the head. The bunny is very fuzzy. The orange was inadvertent, due to the white board marker that I was using having some orange on it from when I used it previously on the daffodil I drew, but I liked how it ended up, so I left it there. It may be the most vividly colorful whiteboard monthly important dates and random drawings artistic work of art that has ever been on the whiteboard during my entire time at Waterford (whiteboard, I just realized, probably does not have a space between it, being a compound word, like cupcake)). Yellow, bright yellow, is also a good color. My favorite color, I usually tell people, is green, followed closely by blue. This is true. But it is also true that I like pretty much any bright vivid color. And it is possibly even more true that I love painting with bloody-looking red paints (this may be an outlet for my more primal and animalistic instincts) which are much better to paint with than actual blood.

New paragraph time already? But of course. The computer that I built quite a while ago for my parents has been very loud lately. I need to figure out where all the noise is coming from and fix it for them sometime. It's probably just the fan, but yesterday, there were noises that sounded suspiciously like a grinding harddrive, which is particularly odd, because its a SATA drive, and I was under the impression that SATA drives were supposed to, as the newest bestest thing in harddrive technology, or rather, that they were not supposed to make loud grinding wind-up and wind-down noises. (I was also under the impression that, using a SATA drive, the wireless mouse should not get interrupted from working smoothly when the grinding-up and grinding-down heavy thinking of the HDD is happening (happenning?...short vowel sound, but the double-n really doesn't look right, it must be happening...this is how I figure out how to spell most words I write that I'm not sure about, except I really can never figure it out for the word occur (occurr? It must be occur...but that r sitting at the end by itself after the u just always looks so lonely to me)). I want to build a super-quiet computer someday. One that whispers. Unless I'm playing music, in which case I would prefer the speakers to play quite loudly (my left speaker in my current setup only plays static, which is very sad, as its a nice Logitech speaker...I may have to pull it apart and see if the wiring is pulling out or something) but then again, it might just be easier to buy a pre-made super-quiet computer. And a beautifully huge Wacom tablet/screen. Assuming I have money in the future, which I always assume, because, really, I may plan on being poor for the foreseeable future, but why not plan on being insanely wealthy in the future beyond that? There's no way I'll ever become incredibly filthy rich if I assume that I will always be poor. Though, really, I'd be perfectly satisfied with just having enough money to have nice computers (and a laptop, for all my portable writing needs), lots of art supplies, and time to use them. Which may be contradictory.

Speaking of writing, you should all go read Veng's blog (Veng, if you by some odd chance do not already know, is Vengance, a.k.a. Mike, a.k.a. Dusey, a.k.a. My Fiance...he has quite a few aliases to use when doing his evil deeds, like writing poetry in his blog). Be forewarned though that browsers may not properly not auto-play the music, so you may either have to turn it off one-by-one, or you may just get to listen to four songs at once. Which could be interesting. Anyways, Veng is a fabulous (in my humble completely unbiased three-weeks-minus-three-days-away-from-being-his-wife opinion) writer. It is interesting to note that when I interrupt myself, I usually do so in very inconvenient places that make the sentence difficult to read. I need to work on interrupting myself in more convenient spots. He may misspell things occasionally (but then again, I can't figure out the right spelling of occur half the time), but he really writes quite well (which I realistically feel quite qualified to claim as a degree-carrying woman, who graduated with a B.A. due to four years of studying English (I can't say I have a degree in English, because, frankly, they make diplomas so general that really all I have a degree in is Arts, and not Fine Arts (though I'm working on that one)...just Arts in general, which basically includes anything and everything that Sciences doesn't...I vaguely understand the rationalization behind that, but I frequently wish they would put your major on your degree)).

I think I have properly closed all my parentheticals thus far. That does not quelch my desire for a striped balloon. Or 99 red balloons, but only if part of them are German. My great-grandmother is staring at me from her portrait on the wall, reminding me that I have lots to do today and ought not waste any more time writing an overall pointless (but very interrupted! (which does not make it any less pointless, rather, it probably makes it even more pointless) blog. There I go interrupting myself in the middle of an adjective-noun pair again. It's a very well done painting of her, but it is a little off-putting sometimes when I'm at the family computer and she's staring straight at me. So, I should go get to work. I need to stop by Scuba Utah to sign up for a refresher course, and I need to do my big drawing assignment that's due (it's technically late...) before my class begins tonight. Meaning I need to do it before class, not that it's due before class (though it is, technically, as it was due during class last week). So, off I go, into the wild blue yonder, flying high into the sky. It's sunny today! I can see the sky! Hooray! I love sunny days.

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