Saturday, April 08, 2006

Less than a month! Aaaaah! (Almost entirely wedding stuff)

If I don't have your address yet, and you would like an invitation, if you could possibly find it in your heart to email your address to me, it would make my life so very very much simpler and I would love you for forever and ever. My email address is krazyk at gmail dot com. I have been trying to nab people while they've been online to get their addresses from them, but I'm still missing a few of you that I would like to send invitations to.

I officially gave my two weeks' notice at work on Friday. I learned today that I'm somehow still covered on my parents' insurance once my insurance for this job runs out, which is good, so I won't have to stress quite so very very much about getting all my prescriptions refilled in the next two weeks.

I found a florist. All the flowers are going to be pink. I have no idea what shade of pink. Hopefully they will be pretty. At the least they are very affordable which is good for my rapidly disappearing wedding budget. I think they'll be cute. Pink gerberas daisies, and pink roses, mainly.

Over half of our wedding invitations have been stuffed into addressed envelopes now and are simply waiting to be licked and stamped before I mail them off this week. That was the project yesterday and today, and I am sick of dealing with my family's very temperamental printer now. Much faster than addressing them all by hand though. Unfortunately, the printer absolutely completely refused to print the return addresses on the back of the envelopes (it printed the fronts more or less fine, and it printed the return address on the backs of the few messed up envelopes that we weren't going to use, but whenever we stuck one of the nice ones to be sent to people through the printer, nothing would get printed on the back of it). So, we ended up getting clear address labels from Avery (Easy of the greatest inventions ever, they're really quite easy to use) which now have my parents' address printed quite nicely on them.

I have made arrangements with a very nice lady in my ward (who used to be my Young Women's President) to go over to her house this next Friday to sew the bridesmaids' skirts. She has a serger. Yay. That will make it soooo much quicker to make them, and they will end up nicer too. And they will finally be done, and that will be absolutely wonderful. I still need shirts. Bridesmaids, if you see cute black semi-fancy shirts you like at a store, that aren't horribly expensive, if you like them, and want to get them, feel free to do so, and I can reimburse you for them.

I had a nightmare about wedding shoes a few nights ago. It was simply too awful to describe. I still haven't found any decent looking white shoes to wear. I may end up going with the "Keds with ribbons" route if I can't find anything else.

I had my first (and most probably only) bridal shower on Thursday, with lots of my mom's friends, and a few older ladies that I knew. It was quite fun and enjoyable, and they had the most delicious punch, and they were all very kind to me. It was fun to be the center of attention for an evening. I need to remember to buy Thank You cards early this week.

My room was clean for awhile this past week. It was quite monumental. It is getting messy again now. I will have to clean it again.

I am three paintings and one complex drawing behind on homework. They're all due on either Monday or Tuesday of this week. I do not know when I'm going to do them. It's somewhat worrisome. But I did get one of my painting assignments done this past week (I was supposed to paint my backpack, so I painted my cat-shaped backpack, and it turned out quite well, I'm pleased). I quite enjoyed my painting class on Wednesday...we started trying to copy a famous painting of some beached sailboats. Mine's turning out pretty well so far, even though I've only got the shapes and colors blocked in and don't have any details in it yet. I think it'll look nice when it's done though.

Tomorrow I will have an odd combination of meals. Lunch is going to be a sushi party with some of Veng's friends. For dinner, my family will be having a traditional Passover meal (potato pancakes, when made properly, are delicious, so I'm looking forward to it quite a lot).

I have been getting lots of small scratches on my hands recently. They don't really hurt. What hurt was when I accidentally scratched Mike's face today when I was trying to poke him (it didn't really hurt him, but I felt bad, because it bled a bit). I think my fingernails are going to be ugly and short like normal when I get married. I don't know if I have enough energy to care.

I did have enough energy to care about my vision though, and finally went and ordered a years' worth of soft contacts. Now I just have to get in the habit of wearing the crazy things.

If it seems, when you talk to me, like I'm going insane, or am not paying a lot of attention to you, I profusely apologize. I am catching up slowly on my list of things to do, but I need to pick up the pace a bit and its rather stressful trying to remember everything I'm supposed to get done each day (I already forgot to make two rather important phone calls today). But things are getting done, bit by bit, and I am crossing them off my list with a big black marker, which helps me feel better. :)

I am so very much looking forward to the last two weeks before my wedding when I will not have work to worry about every day any more. Hopefully I will be able to cram all the last few still undone things into those weeks, and still manage to have a little bit of time to gather my wits and maybe regain some sanity.

So, there's a basic update on stuff. Stay alive! I will be able to interact normally with you again in a month! Yay!

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