Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was originally going to just eat a baked potato, because that's all my mother managed to get cooked for us during her hectic day today (she went to my siblings' track meet, where a female runner ran across the field right when the javelin competition was starting, and the runner ended up with a javelin through her leg, so it delayed everything else quite a lot). Back to my dinner story, I was going to eat just a baked potato. Then I thought, "A baked potato with butter would be so much better," but the butter keeper was empty. So I made my way to the fridge, where I saw the meat and cheese drawer. "A baked potato with cheese would be so much better," I thought to myself, and so I opened the drawer to pull out the cheddar. With the drawer open, I was able to see that my mother purchased turkey and swiss cheese from the deli today. I happen to love meat and cheese from the deli, and I immediately thought of the "Everything" bagels that I had seen on the counter this morning. The "Everything" bagels, despite what the bag claims, do not in fact have everything on them. They're missing the oh-so-delicious Asiago cheese that causes my taste buds to water in delight. But they do have lots of seed things and onions and maybe some other stuff on them. So, in addition to the cheddar, I grabbed the turkey and swiss, and one Everything bagel. Then I proceeded to cut up chunks of cheese onto my baked potato which I then microwaved while assembling my bagel sandwich. With all that ready to go, I decided that I could not possibly eat so much food without a drink. Amazingly enough, I discovered the last can of strawberry lemonade in the pantry. Now I am eating my delicious dinner, quite pleased with myself and my trains-of-thoughts that led me to such tastiness from what started out as just one single baked potato.

In other news, classes are going well, despite having informed my teachers that I'm rather behind on my homework (though I added the caveat that it will all be done by next week, which means I'll have another art-filled weekend this weekend).

In other news, I bought stamps. They cost as much as the invitations did.

In other news, parties and presents are so very, very much fun. This makes me suspect, once again, that I love attention a lot more than I usually proclaim, and that I am somewhat greedy. Somehow though, a pumpkin spice candle seems just as nice a present as a convection toaster oven now, which makes me suspect that perhaps I'm growing up a little.

In other news, Happy Birthday to all of my friends who have April birthdays! Your presents may be a bit belated.

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